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Social security benefits do not include...

Don't include Medicaid payments


Unemployment insurance tax must be paid by...

The employer if the employer employs one or more persons
covered by the act


Payments for unemployment insurance are...

Not deducted from employees' salaries


Workers' compensation is a form of...

Strict liability


Workers' compensation is a form of strict liability whereby...

The employer is liable to employee for injuries + diseases from employment


Workers compensation insurance is paid by...

2) and it is a cost that is...

The employer

2) passed on as an expense of doing business


Workers compensation insurance is not...

Not paid by the employee


4 examples of workers' compensation benefits

1 burial expenses
2 cost of prosthetic devices
3 monthly payments to surviving dependent child
4 partial wage continuation during disability


Under CERCLA if the EPA cleans up the hazardous chemicals it can recover the costs from any responsible party including...2

1 present owners of facility and

2 any person who arranged for disposal of hazardous substance


Social security payments may include payments to...3

1 spouses, including divorced spouses in some cases

2 children

3 Medicare

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