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Membrane-enclosed transport containers that bud from specialized coated regions of donor membrane and pass from one cell compartment to another as part of the cell’s membrane transport processes; vesicles can be spherical - tubular - or irregularly shaped.

transport vesicle


Transmembrane SNARE protein - comprising a single polypeptide chain - usually found in vesicle membranes where it interacts with t-SNAREs in target membranes.



Large fluid-filled compartment found in most plant and fungal cells - typically occupying more than a third of the cell volume. (Figure 13–41)



One hypothesis for how the Golgi apparatus achieves and maintains its polarized structure and how molecules move from one cisterna to another. This model holds that Golgi cisternae are long-lived structures that retain their characteristic set of Golgi-resident proteins firmly in place - and cargo proteins are transported from one cisterna to the next by transport vesicles.

vesicle transport model