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Any activity a funeral home engages in to create public awareness, generate new business, or retain present business.


Funeral home marketing must get funeral consumer to take two important action steps:

1. Purchase services other than direct disposition
2. Use your funeral home instead of competitors



A name, term, design or symbol that identifies ones seller goods or services as distinct from those of other sellers. Legal term is a trademark.

- Identifying this is an important first stop in your marketing plan.


Brand image

-A mirror reflection of the brand personality or product being.
-What people believe about a brand.
-Nike swoosh.
-Something your competition is not
-True and easily experienced by customers

-Goal of branding: produce a unique definition of your business that appeals to both the logical and emotional needs of your customers in a way that your competition cannot equal.


In order to create a business that is labeled "remarkable" by those you serve, consider:

-Must cast your vision
-Formal marketing plan
-Goals and objectives in writing
-flexible and ready to adapt
-look for ways to capitalize
-raise bar on customer service
-know what consumers want
-plan advertising campaigns
-focus on new customers and old ones



Making public aware of services or a commodity that a business has for sale

-Makes up the bulk of a funeral home's marketing strategy.
-Papers, radio, tv, mail, billboards, internet, yellow pages, business cards, and word of mouth
-Must be focused to get through to the mindset of the families you wish to serve.


Promote what makes you unique

- specifically tell people what you do that others don't
- never use negative words "we, me, I, our". Use "new, free, you, try, discover"
- 100% satisfaction guarantee


General marketing plan

Objective: what is the purpose of advertising? Raise awareness? Move products? Bring people to your door

Audience: who are they? What do they feel?

Promise: what will the preneed and Atneed do for your customers.



foundation of advertising. Consumer must see advertisement from 9-15 times in a short period before learning the message.


Direct mail

Can send brochure or letter directly to individuals.



Active medium with great entertainment appeal



Best option. Greater audience. Stronger impact. spend less money than expected.


Church bulletins

Keep up good relations with clergy and members


Business cards

More sophisticated. Inexpensive, multifunctional, personalized



Sublanguages. Simplest understanding of business



Pleasant rhythmic tune. Risky for funeral homes



-Can increase profitability.
- Increase market reach and name recognition
-Reach over 65 million people
-Give information



-Quick and simple ideas.
-Best in high traffic areas.



Smaller and more frequent ad is more effective than a one time big ad.


Advertising budget

FH should spend between 2-5% of its yearly gross income on advertising


How to measure success of each type of advertising

-Return coupon to send in on a pre need ad
-Evaluation of overall sales
-Evaluation of increase in #of families served



Group of potential customers with purchasing power

-Market Research: Based on a careful analysis of a funeral home's needs and the demographic and psychographics of the target market.



Study of human populations with respect to size, density, distribution, composition and income.


Economic base

Wealth produced in or near a community that provides employment to local population


Consumer buying motives usually fit into 6 categories

1. Comfort
2. Convenience
3. Security
4. Prestige
5. Health
6. Economy


Sources of published market data

-Census of business- explains where certain businesses are located

-Census of housing- keeps track of new home sales by region and/or the construction of new houses by region and specific area.

-Census of manufacture - explains where certain manufacturers are located.

-Census of population- compiles population statistics with regard to distribution of population by region, area, etc.

-Funeral home surveys-
- Help funeral home gain consumer intelligence from specific population segment.
- Create more value for your funeral home in the minds of the consumer.
- Help face increased competition (factual knowledge rather than weak speculation and inference).
- Combat shrinking or changing market territories and/or demographics.
- Increase profitability.


Public relations

Inducing the public to have a positive feeling about a particular business.

Well organized public relations program can reinforce a funeral homes advertising and increase the credibility of the firm.
- Extra punch to marketing efforts.
- Become community educator on value of funerals, not just a community leader
-Important due to increase in direct disposition.


Public relations activities

Must relate to your overall marketing and business goals. (Consumer awareness, community leader, positive image of your business)

-Public presentations
-Tours of funeral home
-Open houses
-Company brochures
-Grief literature


Public presentations

-Value of the funeral
-Embalming how and why
-Grief and funerals
-Children- death and funerals
-History of funeral customs
-Funeral service as a career
-Senior citizens and funerals
-Death in today's society


People you can speak to

-Senior citizens groups
-Service clubs
-Employee assistance organizations
-Nursing associations
-Social workers
-Police and fire fighters
-Business associations
-Support groups


Open house

Recognizing the opening of a new building, renovations, change in ownership, celebration of an event


Holiday programs

Holiday support programs to include dynamics of grieving during the holidays.

-Seminars, literature, support groups,
-Most presented during Thanksgiving-Christmas season, but can also be used for other occasions- Mothers and fathers day, Veteran's day, or Easter
-Results in helping the community as well as highly positive public relations.


Consumers top 10 requirements
(Sesco, 2006)

Satisfied families who feel they have received value from the services and merchandise provided by the funeral home should be the central driving force of any organization.

1. Treated with respect
2. Follow through on commitments
3. Communicate
4. Talk without interruption
5. Answer phone quickly
6. Provide alternatives
7. Get authority when there's a problem
8. Clearly state what to expect
9. Know everything about products and services
10. Be a customer advocate


Handling complaints

-sit and speak with complainant
-Assess complaint
-Gather info from employees and others and document it
-Review documentation about event
-Prepare written explanation
-Meet again with complainant
-Rediscuss issue
- Ask what to do to resolve the issue if the funeral home erred.
-If you can't fix it, get a third party mediator


Baby Boomers

-Dominant age group born in the late 1940s and early 50s
-Have insatiable appetite for information
-If they believe in your products and services and the "image" fits their lifestyle, cost is not a major factor.
-Not interested in pre-purchasing funerals for themselves, but may arrange for parents.`


Sponsoring Public Relation Seminars

Proven to be an effective way to educate communities and gain valuable recognition.
- Single topic programs- making preened arrangements
- Multi-topic programs: Understanding grief, value of the funeral, financial assistance, preened and anted arrangements.
-May have professions from allied fields (cemeteries, crematories, grief centers, organ donation agencies, estate planners)



Sent on a regular basis allows a funeral home to maintain communications with families the have already served, people whom they have made prearrangements, and also initiate communications with new families and individuals.
- Provide helpful information on grief after the funeral and life has returned to normal.


Newsletter Should Contain:

-Information on grief
-Suggestions for coping
-Uplifting personal story
-Interesting news from the funeral home


Sandra Graves Suggestions for Holiday Activities:

1. Purchase and distribute a good booklet or brochure about grief and the holidays.- Have a grief counselor available to answer questions or give support
2. Sponsor a seminar or community workshop
3. Sponsor a special support group for the holidays
4. Put a memorial candle in a special area of your funeral home with the names of all who have died since the previous New Year's Eve displayed near the candle. Invite public to add candles or sign a register
5. Sponsor a special radio program of Christmas carols in honor of those who have died this year.
6. Use your advertising space during the season to either give helpful suggestions on coping during the holidays or memorialize those who have died.



- The firms name, and that of the staff, consistently reported in the local press, on radio or television establishes the firm as a professional, reputable authority.
- Good press eventually leads to increased business
-Positive editorial mention carries a unique benefit: it appears to be a third-party endorsement by the medium in which the activity is reported.


How to Get Free Publicity

Press Release (News Release)- One of the basic tools used by public relations professionals.

Rules in preparing for a press release:
1. The story must be of interest to the general public or different.
2. Make it easy to read and understand.
3. Typed double-spaced


Tips for Writing News Releases

1. Neat
2. On letterhead
3. Name and phone numbers (office and home) in upper left corner
4. Date and "for immediate release" in upper right of page.
5. Leave room for the editor to write in a heading above the first paragraph.
6. Never type on both sides of the page.
7. Best length is one page. (if more than one page, type "more" on the bottom of each page except the last.)
8. Put the most important information in the first paragraph. At the end of the release below the last sentence, center the number thirty (-30-) or put ###.
9. If mentioning a person, identify the person first by his/her full name. Later in the article, only use the last name of that person.
10. Get the name of the editor and send directly to him or her.
11. Follow up with a thank you letter or call after the release is published.


Developing Media Relationships

-Identify and make a list of potential contacts.
-Carefully craft what you want to say to these people.
-Send the news release addressed to a specific person (not just editor or producer).
-Place a follow-up phone call. Persistence pays.
-If they spend any time talking to you, send a note thanking them for their time. Include your business card.
-If the news release generates a mention or a story, write the reporter a note telling him or her how well you thought it went.


Press Kit

Folders containing relevant information that are distributed to the media. They should include:
- The company's history
- Staff information
- A photo of the building and owners.
- Industry statistics
- Information pertinent to the event you are referring to.


Internet Marketing (Website)- Every funeral home should have one.

- 46% of Americans aged 59-68 and 62% of Americans age 40-58 have internet
- 66% had done product research
- 41% had booked travel
- 47% had bought something
- 20% had done online banking


Suggestions from Death Care Business Advisor to add to your overall marketing and public relations efforts:

- A good website will itself be an effective PR tool.
- Post your news releases on your site.
- Articles of public interest such as "grief and the holidays" or "children and funerals"
- On-line press kits containing the same information that traditional press kits contain.
- On-line obituaries
- On-line register books for people to leave messages to bereaved families


Baklarz (2004)
Benefits an Organization can Receive by Providing Great Service:

- Increased market share
- Increased sales and profits
- Repeat business
- New customers
- Fewer complaints
- Lower employee turnover
- Enhanced reputation


Suggestions for Improving Customer Service

- Answer your phone on the third ring:state name of funeral home, name, ask how may I help you.
- If you must place the person on hold, ask first, and wait for their response. Ask if they would prefer to be called back and call back as soon as possible.
- Explain why you're transferring a call if you have to. Give the persons name and extension in case the caller gets disconnected.
-If you know the person's name, use it (whether on the phone or in person).
- Be punctual for appointments.
-Treat e-mails as business letters, always include a greeting.
- Create a newsletter
- Keep your funeral home clean and in good repair.
- Ensure that all staff are knowledgable, courteous and helpful.
- Be dependable; don't make promises you can't keep.
- Be proficient in what you do; take pride in your work.
- Dress and act professional at all times.
- Don't nickel and dime your families for every little thing.
- Make your website easy to navigate and user friendly.
- Provide aftercare unrelated to preneed.
-Provide families with a survey