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the following items should be included in the sales contract

1. cash price
2. downpayment
3. unpaid balance
4. other charges
5. amount financed
6. finance charge
7. total of payments
8. deferred payment price
9. annual percentage rate
10. number of payments
11. first instalement due.sellers namepurchasers name datesigned


forms provided by bureau of vital statistics

-death cert
-report of death
-burial transit
-disinternment permit
-cremation permit
-application to amend certificate of death


forms used in conjunction with the veterans administration

-form 21-530-application for veterans burial allowance
-form 90-2008-application for US flag for burial purposes
-form 40-1330-application for headstone or marker (apply to US army memorial affairs agency or through VA cemetery)
-dd 214-discharge papers
-dd 1375-request for payment of funeral and/or interment expenses


forms used with social security administration

-form S.S.A. 721-statement of death by funeral director
-form S.S.A. 8- application for lump sum benefit


forms required by FTC

-general price list
-casket price list
-outer burial container price list
-statement of funeral goods and services selected


forms required for the lump sum death benefit of social security are

-S.S.A. 721 Statement of death by funeral director andS.S.A. -8 claimants form (generally mailed to person making the claim after social security recieves the 721)


number of years after death that application for lump sum benefit must be made



After september 1, 1981 who is eligible for the lump sum death payment (255 dollars)

-surviving spouse living with the covered worker at the time of death
-spouse not living with covered worker at time of death will recieve beneift only if he/she was recieving a benefit on the deceased's record during the month of death
-no surviving spouse-a child willl be eligible if she or he was entitled to or eligible for the social security benefits in the month of death of the deceased worker.


monthly benefits can be received by by depends of an insured worker based upon their earnings. those people who can receive these are:

1. unmarried children under 18 or under 19 if a full time high school student
2. unmarried child who was severely disabled before 22
3. widow or widower 60 or older
4. widow or widower, or surviving divorced mother or father if caring for the worker's child under 16 or a disabled child drawing checks on the earnings of a deceased worker
5. widow or widower who is 50 or older who becomes disabled not later than 7 years after the workers death or within 7 years after mother's or father's benefits end
6. dependent parents 62 and older
7. divorced spouse under certain conditions
8. under certain conditions children based on grandparents earnings.


for veteran death benefit claims the following may be required

1. veterans death cert
2. veterans marriage license for spouse or children
3. childrens birth certificates when claim made by child
4. veterans birth certificate if parents of veteran wish to establish eligibility.


dishonorable discharge recieve benefits?



burial available for veterans and for

spouse, widow, widower, minor children and certain conditions unmarried adult children


eligibility for burial expense reimbursement

a veteran of any war is eligible or discharged from retired service because of a disability which occured in the line of duty.


payment towards veteran's burial expense is 300 dollars and at the time of death the veteran must

be recieving VA benefits, such as pension or disability, death was in a VA hospital or deceased was receiving retirement pay in lieu of VA benefits.


payment amount of ____ as a plot or internment allowence in addition to basic 300 burial allowance when veteran is not buried in a national cemetery or other cemetery under jurisdiction of US gov



flag form is:

V.A. Form 90-2008 appliction for United States flag for burial purposes.


flag form goes to:

next of kin (or close friend if no claim is made by next of kin)


who is eligible for internment at Arlington national cemetery

-any active duty member of the armed forces
-any retired member of the armed forces
-any former member of the armed forces whose last period of service terminated honorably and who was separated for physical disability prior to october 1, 1949 and the disability is at least 30 percent under the standard schedule of rating disabilities in use by the veterans administration
-medal of honor
-purple heart
-silver star
-distinguished cross
-distinguished service medal
-office of US government
-chief-chief of justice(spouse widower or child of these people)


burial allowance for the disposition of remains of members of armed forces who die while on active duty:if a funeral home is responsible for the delivery of the body to a private cemetery, up to $2,140 will be reimbursed for all funeral and cemetery expenses. for delivery to national or state vets cemetery up to

$1,390 is reimbursed


for memorial service of active duty

1,390 will be reimbursed


if body of active duty service member who died while on active duty and the body is forwarded directly to a veterans cemetery

75 dollars will be reimbursed.


employeeds of armed forces burial allowance



at sea disposition of remains

-members and former members of uniformed services
-us civilian marine personel of the military sealift command
-dependents of members and former members of uniformed services
-US citizens who by notable service or by outstanding contributions to the US are eligible.


casket will be drilled with

12 holes


____ of the family is very often a controlling factor in the funeral service

material wealth


the arranging and caring for the chronological mortuary activities from the notification of death to the final services rendered for the family

funeral arrangement and direction


considered both a profession and a business

funeral service


sympathy, understanding, courtesy, dignity, honesty, even temperament, pleasing personality

characteristics of a funeral director


how often is a funeral home notified of a death by way of telephone

98 percent of the time


dont allow the phone to ring more than

3 times