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Funeral Service Merchandising- Chapters 1-3
A case or receptacle for dead hum...,
In much of the world outside of t...,
Generally the preferred style of ...
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Funeral Service Merchandising- Casket Interior
Predicted by the manner in which ...,
A casket in which the rim ogee cr...,
A casket in which the rim ogee cr...
25  cards
Funeral Service Merchandising- Interior Materials and Styles
This is highly visible and subjec...,
Depending on the specific style t...,
Crepe velvet satin linen and line...
49  cards
Funeral Service Merchandising- Casket Exterior Finishes
Wood caskets receive a tremendous...,
Unfinished natural finish painted...,
Receives no finishing steps stain...
30  cards
Funeral Service Merchandising- Cap Openings, Shell Designs, and Closure Methods
Perfection full couch perfection ...,
Distinguished betwen the varietie...,
The ogee portions of the cap were...
42  cards
Funeral Service Merchandising- Cemetery Merchandise and Property
A funeral home that includes as p...,
Memorial epitaph cenotaph,
A physical object that is designe...
54  cards
Funeral Service Merchandising- Sundry Items
The miscellaneous items provided ...,
Canopic jars and tomb furnishings,
Candles palls and black drapes pr...
12  cards
Funeral Service Merchandising- Other Caskets and Containers
Air trays and combination cases o...,
An outer enclosure utilized for t...,
Air trays combination cases
24  cards
Funeral Service Merchandising- Cremation Merchandise
This area is the newest and perha...,
More and more families are choosi...,
Regardless of the breadth and dep...
41  cards
Funeral Service Merchandising- Outer Burial Containers
A general term referring to any c...,
To support the weight of the eart...,
While these do not require the us...
37  cards
Funeral Service Merchandising- Casket Sizes
Interior length 78 width 23exteri...,
Length 75 width 22,
Length 84 width 29
16  cards
Funeral Service Merchandising- Chapters 14-16
If the customer doesnt understand...,
The correlation beteen product ig...,
The funeral home because it does ...
102  cards
Cremation Vocabulary
Test conducted by federal state o...,
Hearth on which drying or combust...,
All gases which leave the cremato...
49  cards
Funeral Service Management and Merchandising Vocabulary
An environmentally safe casket wh...,
A service commemorating the decea...,
A casket having ends in the shape...
197  cards
Klicker- Chapter 8- Cremation
Cremation began at this time arou...,
In this era 1 000bc the practice ...,
Cremation was the predominant mod...
67  cards
Klicker- Chapter 9- Pre-Need
Not new to the 21st century roots...,
Pre funded funeral arrangements p...,
Those funeral arrangements
39  cards
Klicker Chapter 10- Caskets and Vaults
Casket and coffin,
Fesk metallic coffins started the...,
Wood dominated the casket constru...
87  cards
Klicker Chapter 11- Merchandising
Caskets outer burial containers u...,
Based on evaluation of sales hist...,
Any merchandising plan is only as...
79  cards
Klicker-Chatpter 12- Shipping Human Remains
Thomas holmes,
People allowed to deliver or rece...,
All airlines require
31  cards
Klicker-Chapter 14- Cemetery/Mausoleum
Throughout history this has been ...,
The only two places many people f...,
People want to be remembered afte...
61  cards
Klicker-Chapter 16- Management
The act of motivating people towa...,
Achieving the goals of a funeral ...,
To meet the death related needs o...
25  cards
Klicker- Chapter 17- Human Resources
Personnel costs,
Employee manuals should include,
Job description
37  cards
Klicker- Chapter 18- Marketing
Funeral home marketing must get f...,
48  cards
Klicker- Chapter 19- Starting a Business
Small business,
Number of employees
144  cards
Klicker- Chapter 20- Veterans Benefits and Social Security
Veterans discharged under conditi...,
Service related deaths va will pa...,
Filing va form 21 530 application...
23  cards
Klicker- Chapter 23- Selected Readings
Most important thing we can do wh...,
When transporting the body of a f...,
In suspicious cases
30  cards
Multiple Choice- Accounting Compend
Basic accounting theory is based ...,
The group of accounts which you d...,
The group of accounts which you c...
138  cards
Matching- Accounting Compend
Used for recording sale of mercha...,
Used for all types of business tr...,
Used to record the buying of merc...
150  cards
Multiple Choice- Mortuary Administration Compend
Ninety eight percent of the notif...,
A burial transit permit is needed...,
The proper word which means the p...
246  cards
Matching- Mortuary Administration Compend
Specifically designed clothing fo...,
A portable shelter employed to co...,
An emblem of the church consistin...
149  cards
Stupid Green Book 1
The following items should be inc...,
Forms provided by bureau of vital...,
Forms used in conjunction with th...
30  cards
Stupid Green Book 2
Earliest manufactured wood coffin...,
Nearly 1 000 years after wooden c...,
Wood casket developed from a shor...
77  cards
Stupid Green Book 3
Predecessor to modern day funeral...,
Early funerals were carried out by,
Cabinet maker priveded
84  cards
Cremation-NFDA 1
Alaska hawaii massachusetts penns...,
Written authorization form 45 sta...,
Principals of conduct based on va...
46  cards
NFDA- Cremation 2
A type of incinerator that provid...,
Oxygen heat fuel most commonly fo...,
The resulting chemical reaction o...
88  cards
NFDA Cremation 3
Must ensure effective destruction...,
Not cause air pollution defined b...,
By field inspector annually visua...
31  cards
NFDA Cremation 4
Funeral home needs to ensure that...,
Responsible for maintaining prope...,
Require special authorization for...
70  cards
NFDA Cremation 5
Two separate containers inner and...,
Certified copy of a death certifi...,
Domestic shipments of cremated re...
66  cards
NFDA Cremation 6
Responsibility for wrongful acts ...,
Operate and maintain the cremator...,
An individual who has completed a...
42  cards

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