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Korean history until 1950?

-Japan control 1905-1945
-split at the 38th parallel at the end of WW2 with Russian forces in north and American in South
-north: kim il Sung (communist)
-south: Syngman Rhee (capitalist)


What was the result of Rhee's unpopularity?

April 1950 elections
People in south voted for unification with north


When and why did the north invade?

25 June 1950
The Russians told them to unite Korea by force


What was the US reaction to the northern invasion?

-extremely worried as China had recently become a communist state and the USSR had nuclear weapons
-Truman ordered US forces (led by General MacArthur) to help South Korea


How did the UN get involved?

Truman asked for UN support
It was granted because USSR were boycotting UN and couldn't use it's vito


What was the situation with the south counterattack? (After the north invaded in 1950)

-September 1950 started (with only area around Pusan)
-1 October pushed back to 38th parallel
-7 October pushed further to Yalu River (no longer containing communism)


What was the situation with the Chinese attack? (When the south reached the Yalu river)

-End of October 1950: Chinese attacked after giving the US a warning
-November: south forces retreated


What was the situation with macarthurs attack against the Chinese?

-25 November: attack went wrong + forces destroyed
1 January- Chinese crossed 38th parallel
4 January- they took Seoul


How did MacArthur fall?

-December 1950: he wanted atomic bombs and cut off supplies in war
-March 1951: made public statement against Truman
-April 1951: Truman angry


How did end of hostilities develop?

-summer 1951: stalemate reached
-1952: Eisenhower elected
-27th July 1953: he ended war