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How did Hungary fall under soviet control?

1945 soviet troops liberated Hungary
November 1945- lost free elections but still imposed largely communist gov
August 1947- rigged elections


Who was Hungary's first leader and what brutal actions did he take?

He ordered Mindszenty (catholic leader) to life in prison
He ordered Laszlo Rajk (leading communist) to be hanged


When did Stalin die? Who took over?

5th March 1953
Khrushchev took over after a power struggle with Malenkov


When and what was the 'secret speech'

25th February 1956
Khrushchev destroyed stalins reputation


Why do Hungarians believe they could become more self governing?

-Yugoslavia broke away + Khrushchev was friendly
-'secret speech' implied change
-Following anti-soviet demonstrations in Poland (June 1956) Khrushchev compromised by allowing reforms and appointing Gomulka as leader


Who was the second leader of Hungary?

Ernó Geró replaced Rákosi in July 1956
Because Rákosi was unpopular and he did not want Hungary to break free of communism and encourage others


Who was the third leader of Hungary?

Nagy replaced Geró - 24 October 1956
Because Geró was also unpopular!


How did the Hungarians change policies in 1956? What do Nagy do?

Workers demanded a complete end to the Soviet system
They called for free multi party elections, a free press and to leave the Warsaw Pact
Nagy agreed!


What was Khrushchev's response?

He invaded
In November 1956 Soviet forces reached budapest
At least 3000 Hungarians killed
Soviet forces took control


What were the immediate results of the Hungarian uprising?

-Red Army Forces invade (200,000 soldiers) and at least 3000 Hungarians were killed
-Nagy appealed to the UN for help but they refused; he was executed and replaced by Janos Kadar in 1958
-New, pro-Soviet govn
-East Europeans expected no help from the US & the UN if they tried to break free from communist control (their reputation was damaged)