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Why did the League fail to enforce disarmament? (Britain)

-Led the argument for not abolishing bombers
-Was patronising to Germany in negotiations
-thought TofV was unfair
-Anglo-German naval agreement (1935) allowed Germany to increase the size of the navy beyond limits of TofV


Why did the League fail to enforce disarmament? (Germany)

-Wanted to rearm
-Unfair that they had more limitations
-Walked out of disarmament conference
-Hitler began to rearm Germany + make war based speeches
-Walked out of League


Why did the League fail to enforce disarmament? (France)

-Led argument for no limitations on tank size
-Began rearming because the were worried about Hitler's rise to power


Explain the invasion of Manchuria

-In 1931 Japanese claimed that Chinese soldiers had sabotaged the South Manchurian railway
-they overran Manchuria and threw out chinese forces
-Japan set up puppet government and bombed Shanghai in 1932


Explain the response + effects of the invasion of Manchuria

-When China appealed to the League for help, Japan argued that they acted in self-defence. --The league reported (after taking a year to arrive in Manchuria) that Manchuria should be returned to china
-All 43 countries except Japan voted in favour of the report + Japan resigned from the League in anger
-Japan ignored the report and there was no league army to stop them
-They invaded Jehol one week later
-No standing army to remove forces (and Br + Fr had colonies in close proximity to Japan so didn't want to cause anger)


Why was Mussolini interested in Abyssinia?

-Personal glory and propaganda
-Revenge for the 1896 Adowa defeat
-Economic reasons: agriculture + minerals
-Distract Italians from economic depression


How did the Abyssinian incident begin?

-Dispute between Italian + Ethiopian soldiers
-Mussolini claimed that Wal-wal was Italian territory
-He demanded an apology for the Ethiapian soldiers attacking first (when really Itaians did)
-He prepared an army for invasion of Abyssinia
-The emperor Haile Selassi appealed to the League for help


What caused Britain and France to take a tougher stance with Abyssina?

-Public outcry against Italy
-Majorirty of British wanted to defend Abyssinia
-Politicians needed to keep citizens happy for popularity - autumn elections were close


What was the Leagues proposal regarding Abyssinia and how did Mussolini react?

4th Septemper 1935- League proposed that they would give Musslini some of Abyssinia


Leagues actions regarding Italy's punishment for invasion of Abyssinia?

-Ban on arms sales to Italy
-Ban on loans
-Ban on all imports from Italy
-Ban on exports to Italy of rubber, tin and other metals

-France insisted on giving Mussolini 2/3 Abyssinia for calling off the invasion.


League non actions regarding Italy's punishment for invasion of Abyssinia?

-Did not immediately ban oil exports to Italy - risks economy of League members + America wouldnt support sanctions
-The Suez Canal (owned by Br + Fr) was not closed to Mussolini's supply ships because they feared war with Italy


How did Mussolini obtain Abyssina?
What were the international consequences?

-Hitler marches troops into Rhineland
-French desperate for support of Italy (prepared to give Abyssinia to Mussolini)
-Haile Selassie forced into exile
-Mussolini captures Abyssinia
-Mussolini + Hitler signed an agreement (Rome-Berlin)


Main reason for League failure?

1. Self Interests of Britain and France
2. No standing Army
3. Absence of key powers
4. Presence and actions of aggressive countries
5. The world depression