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LO2: classif gl tiss by destin of sec, desc meaning of exoc and endoc.

- exoc= gl with ducts. sec onto epith surf eg goblet cells, saliv.
- endoc= ductless. sec into blood eg horm.


-No LO: classif by struc. sec part-unicell/multi. acinar/tubular. coiled/branched. duct sys- simp gl sing duct, comp branched.

- goblet cell unicell- mucinogen grans, att bl, eg upper resp.
CF mut CFTR prev cl- out.
also gob in intest villus epith. in CF GI mucus also viscous. meconium ileus in babies, constip in older.
- acinar eg panc exoc acinus. grape. intercal duct cells, and centroacinar cells mid. gob cells in tubular colonic crypts.
- coiled/branched and simp/complex. SIMP tubul/coiled tubul/branched tubul/acinar/branched acinar. COMP tubul/acinar/tubuloacinar.


classif by nat of sec.

-mucous gl- sec cont mucus rich in mucins=v glycosylated pp's. stain light HE. mucins swell lot when mixed water from mucus.
-serous- often watery enz sec, NO mucus. stain pnik in HE section.
both in submandib gl.


LO3: classif by and dec merocrine, apocrine, holocrine meths sec.

- merocrine= exocytosis. mem bound compon to cell surf, mem fuse PM, contents to extracell space, PM transiently larger, mem retrieved stabils sa.
- apocrine- non mem bound struc eg lip to cell surf, contact and pushes, thin lay cytop around droplet, mem surr drop pinches off, PM smaller, mem added to regain sa.
eg lactating mammary gl. acini in CT to lactiferous sinus and duct. . fat drop apoc rel, other compns merocrine. active gl swollen. myoepith contrac help milk sec=let down.
apoc sweat gl act MEROC. in axillae, areolae of nips, genit and perineal regs. cytop blebbing. eccrine sweat gl also merocrine. myoepith facil lumin cont to duct.
in CF CFTR in apic epith lining sweat gl duct poor reabs cl-. salty sweat instead norm hypotonic.
-holocrine- disinteg cell. rel contents. disch whole cell.
eg sebaceous gl cells to fill hair follic with sebum.


LO4: mech endocytosis. how endocyt and sec comb= transepith transp.

-endocyt= eng mater init outs cell. coup to exocyt in tt.
-tt= mater endoc at one surf us basal, transp vesics shutt cross cytop. exoc opp surf. molecs too large to penetmem can be shunted x 1 compon of bod to other.


LO5: mech and imp of glycosylat of new prot in golgi.

- golgi struc- stack disc cisternae. one side flat cis, one concave trans. swellings at edges, distal ones pinch off as mig golgi vacuoles. move flat to curved surf, proc on way. short sug chains add. constit or reg sec.
-golgi func- sorting to diff comparts. pack through condensat of contents. glycosylat of prot/lip. transp vesics one direc.
-golgi prod destins- maj extrud in sec vesic. some retained eg lysos. some to PM glycocalyx where branching sugs= complex shapes for specif interacs. destr lay by enz alts adhes to substr and neighb cells, mobil, comm with neighb, contact inhib of movem and div.


LO6: role of sec in cell func eg comm. and desc mechs of sec contr.

- contr sec:
nervous- eg sympath stim adrenal medull cells incr adrenaline.
endoc- eg ACTH stim adren gl cortex sec of eg cortisol. from pituit master contr.
neuro-endoc- eg nervous cells of hypothal contr ACTH sec by ant pituit.
neg feedb chem- eg inhib ef of high thyroxine 3 and 4 on TSH synth by ant pituit.


LO1: define gl.

- gland= epith cells/collec of cells spec for sec.
classif by destin of sec, struc, nat of sec, meth disch.


Exoc panc acinar sec

-proenzs: trypsin gotten, chyotrypsinogen, pro carboxypeptidase, elastase.
-panc amylase and lipase.
-trypsin inhibitor


Endoc secs panc

-alpha cells glucagon=incr BM.
-beta cells insulin=decr BM.
-delta cells somatostatin= inhib contrac GIT and gallbl smooth musc.
-G cell gastrin= stim prod HCL by parietal cells of stom.
-PP cell pancreatic= inhib exoc sec of panc.


Exoc sec from centro acinar cells and intercal ducts

-serous, bicarb fish alk fluid=buff and neut acid chyme ent duod from stom.