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mucous mem.

- mucous mem line cert int tubes open to ext. aliment, resp, urin tract. bear mucus sec cells var deg.
mucous mem= epith lines lumen-CT/lp-smooth musc muc aliment.


serous mem.

-thin, 2 part, line closed cavs, envelop viscera. line peritoneum, pleural sacs, pericard sac. sec lubric fluid=fric free movem organs.
serous mem= simp squam epith sec fluid- thin CT att epith to adjac tiss and carry bv and nerves.
as emb dev heart, lungs, gut next to bag cav, invag into it=surr by serous mem. outer parietal serosa, inner visceral, lubric btw.
visceral v close, cant dissec.
gut mesentery- thin strs, out and round organ then fold back.


aliment tract inner surfs:
mucosae and wall

- gut wall 4 lay- mucosa, submuc, musc ext, serosa.
mucosa=epith, lp, musc muc.
lp cont gl, peyers.
submuc= lay CT with gl, art, vein ,nerves. loose lay, change shape as me conract. loose irreg norm.
me= outer longit, inner circ. both spirals of spindle shape cell. inner tight, outer relaxed. peristalsis.
serosa= simp squam mesothel, ct beneath. ct cells not norm contig. lot extracell mater. fibrob= coll and elastin. retic fib, adipose cells, imm cells, bv's.



- 3 lay mucosa to submuc to me. adventitia around outs, not intraperitoneal.
oesoph mucosa= strat squam non kerat epith prev abras. lp loose ct, bv+lv, smooth musc, imm cells. mm thin smooth musc.
submuc= subtend ct muc sec gls.
me= 2 lay musc peristalsis.
adventitia= thin outer ct.



- gastric mucosa sec ac, enz, gastrin. musc muc, submuc, me.
me=3 lay smooth musc oblique, circ, longit.
rugae= folds gastric mucosa, longit ridges in empty, not perman.



- most nutr abs.
mucosa= simp col-lp-mm-sm-mm 2 lay.
plicae circulares perman.


large int.

- simp col of crypts prod muc and supp cells to surf. tubul gls. lot gob in each. surf epith abs water and eltrolyte and vitB1+K. peyers in mucosa.


resp surfs: conducting portion nasal cav to bronchioles. resp portion bronchiole to alv.



trach wall.

- pseudostrat ciliated col-submuc gls-hyaline c shaped cartil-adventitia.
cartil to bone in old. fibroelast mem conts trachealis musc.
epith, lp, submu, cartil.



-prim bronch compl rings cartil. pseudostart epith-musc-submuc and gl-cartil.



-no cartil, surr alv keep open.
simp col ciliated to cuboidal. musc. alv.



- T1 squam 90%, sa=gas exch. t2 cub 10% prod surfactant so stay open. lot macroph line alv surf. erythroc less than 1 sec in alv capill. capill simp squam endoth. 0.2um btw. alv surr by basket capill and least fib not contin, recoil on exhal.


urin tract inner surfs.




- transit epith- fibroblast lp- circ musc ext.


bladd wall.

- TE- smooth musc lp- musc ext 3 intercal lay.
imperm to urine by thick pm and intercell tight juncs.



-stellate urethral lumen becomes ovoid when pass urine.
te- lp- me longit and circ- adventitia.
male urethra 220cm, fem 3/4.
penile urethra- strat col. erectile tiss of corpus spongiosum with vasc sinusoids.


LO1: desc struc rel btw epith and assoc tiss (gl, lp. musc muc) comprising GI, GU, resp mucosae.
LO2: how GI, GU, resp mucosae struc of constit tiss rel to func.