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LO2: comp and contr key props bact and virs as distinct from euk.

-euk eg yeast, protozoan- mm/um.
prok smaller um, no nuc mem or mem organelles, have D and RNA, one chrom, no introns, coupled trans/l, v labile mRNA, 70S ribos, peptidoglycan wall. vir oblig intracell have D or RNA, nm.


LO3: sig of gram and acid fast stain for classif and detec bact.

-gram- gram pos peptidoglycan prevs extrac so BLUE
gram neg thin peptidog and outer mem PINK.
pos crystal violet binds neg cell compons. iodine complexes with it. acetone/methanol extract through gram neg only. red stain gram neg.
-acid fast- eg auramine fluor, Zeihl Neelson bright field. for mycobact- no peptidog. mycob wall complex- PM, peptidog, arabinogalac, lip rich mycolic ac, gl's.
smears for acid fast bacilli rap but insensit.


gram pos cocci.

-staph aureus- skin infec, pneum, food pois, TSS, bacteraemia.
-strep pyogenes- pharyngitis, scarlet fever, impetigo, cellulitis, can be invas.
-Group B strep- sepsis and mening esp neonate. pneum.
-strep pneumoniae- pneum, poss invas.


gram neg cocci.

-neiss mening- mening, sepsis.
-neiss gonorrhoeae.


gram pos bacilli.

-clostrid perfringens- food pois, bacteraemia, necrois, gas gang, cholecystitis.
-C diff- colitis.


gram neg bacilli.

-e coli- food pois, cholecyst, bacteraemia, UTI, cholangitis, neon mining, pneum.
-salmonella- food pois, typhoid fever, paratyphoid fev.
-shigella- shigellosis, dysentery.


LO1: briefly answer:

-what is infec- est of an org on/in host assoc with its multip and dam to/dysfunc of host specif rel to that org or its prods.
-what causes infec- pathogenic microbes (kochs postulates)- vir/prion/bact(archaea)/protoz/ fungi/helminths/arthropods infestat. and mechs of pathogenesis.
-why partic indivs get partic infec- encount dose and route. virul vs host resis. innate and adap imm.
-what infls outcome of infec- encount dose and route, virul vs resis, inn and adap imm, speed of diag and tx.