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What can we learn from the story of Rolls Roys RB211?

The maturity of technology is a very important aspect

—> relying on immature technologies may have severe censequences — RISK

—> True innovative technologies tend to be relevant over a long time


Name an assessment of technology maturity?

TRL — Technology Readiness Level
—> proposed by NASA 1995 as a means to measure maturity of technologies in a system
—>TRL has been widely adopted also outside space and aerospace.
—> TRL is a scale to assess the maturity of a technology
—> Used to assess how mature and "ready" a technology is to deploy


Describe NASA:s TRL!

TRL consists of 9 different stages:

1. Basic principles observed and reported
2. Technology concept and application formulated
3. Analytical and experimental critical function and characteristic proof of concept
4. Component and breadboard validation in laboratory environment
5. Component and breadboard critical function verification in relevant environment
6. System model or prototype demonstration in a relevant environment
7. System prototype demonstration in a space environment
8. Actual system completed and flight qualified through test and demonstration
9. Actual system "flight proven" through successful mission operations

TRL 6 is usually required for use of technology when starting to develop a complex product such as a car, aircraft or similar.


What is meant by manufacturing readiness level?

The readiness to manufacture a product
MRL1= basic manufacturing implications identifies
MRL10: Full Rate production demonstrated and lean production practices in place


Bringing innovative solutions from idea and basic understanding takes time, how much time?

The lead-time from idea to market is in average 9.8 years in Sweden's bigger companies


what are the 4 phases of product development?

1. concept development
2. System-level design
3. Detail design
4. Testing and refinement

The product planning phase precedes the product development process


Describe the product planning process!

1. identify opportunities
2. Evaluate and prioritize projects
—> portfolio of projects
3. Allocate resources and plan timing
—> product plan
4. Complete pre-project planning
—> mission statement
5. Product development process

Often, the outcome of a planning can contain a strategy for multiple versions of a product and when to release


Describe a market segment map

A market segment mat is a way to display what product or what development initiative should adress what market

A means for companies to iterate a market strategy with product engineering.

Y-axis: Market segment
X-axis: Year of release


Describe the technology roadmap

— Roadmaps can have different layouts but they all display a time plan for developing something, such as products and technologies.

— useful to display dependencies between activities

Y-axis: Functional elements
X-axis: Technologies in Tims


platforms vs. Derivatives?

— Complex products are costly to develop.
— Most companies want to develop and release several products at the same platform
—The derivatives all share some common solutions in what is called a platform


Describe the product-process change matrix!

— Visualizes the relations between product and process from a "degree of change" perspective

— If a product changes BOTH the product features and process features it is called a RADICAL product
—> high risk
—> high gain

Y-axis: Extent of product changes
1. NO product change
2. Minor product enhancement
3. addition to product family
4. Next generation products
5. New core product

X-axis: Extent of production process changes
1. New core process
2. Nest generation process
3. Single department upgrade
4. Turning and incremental changes
5. No process change

— New core product+new core process= Breakthrough development projects

— Next generation process + next generation product= platform development projects

— Single department upgrade+ addition to product family= derivative product development

— Tuning an dicreamental changes+ no product change = product/process support


Describe the roadmapping principle

— An important principle of roadmapping is to visualize the order of dependences and in this case, the relation between different roadmaps

— If marketing, product development and technology departments are not aligned

— There are 4 different roadmaps:
1. Strategic roadmap
2. Market roadmap
3. product roadmap
4. Technology roadmap

— An integrated roadmap must link corporate strategic planning with market understanding, product development plans and technology development plans.


what is product planning?

Product planning is the bridge from marketing analysis and product development


What is product portfolio?

A means to systematically plan how to meet market needs


What is product roadmapping?

complements product portfolio with timing


What is technology roadmapping?

Technology roadmapping is necessary to mature technologies

Mapping the Technology readiness levels to the product development phases


Describe the different technology readiness levels

1. Basic principles
2. Technology concept
3. Proof of concept
4. validation lab
5. validation field
6. prototype
7. prototype real environment
8. qualified and tested
9. operation


Can a technology with high TRL be converted into a new context?

Just because a technology has reached high TRL levels ut cannot be automatically transfered as the technology is only mature in a specific context.


Describe the technology s-curve!

A smale and effective way to convey a strategy and "loose plan" is to use "s-curves"

What is on the y axis differ, but typically the feature of focus for communication
—> product performance parameter
—> technology readiness
—> planned production volume

Its time on the x-axis


Describe janus cones

S curves can be made more information dense by adding:
—> a time scale
—> position key events that has happened
—> number of foreseen key steps for the future


How is roadmapping used at GKN?

— GNK uses the combined technology and product roadmap to explain how technology is transited into products through a range of technology initiatives on increasing TRL level

— Can be used to communicate strategy to reach a desired market position