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Where can you find the Navicular Bursa?

In between the DDF and the navicular bone (distal sesamoid)


List the joints of the euqine throacic limb starting from the shoulder down to the coffin.

-Glenohumeral Joint (Shoulder)
-Humeroradioulnar Joint (Elbow)
-Radiocarpal Joint (Antebrachiocarpal Joint)
-Midcarpal Joint
-Carpometacarpal Joint
-Metacarpophalangeal Joint ("Fetlock")
-Proximal Interphalangeal Joint ("Pastern")
-Distal Interphalangeal Joint ("Coffin")


What is the name of the sesamoid bones located at the tendon of origin of the lateral and medial head of the gastrocnemius muscle?



True/False: Cat and Porcine do not have a nuchal ligament.



Which muscle of the equine pelvic limb has an accessory gluteal muscle and has a tendon affiliated with the trochanteric bursa?

A. Superficial Gluteal
B. Middle Gluteal
C. Deep Gluteal
D. Large Gluteal

B. Middle Gluteal


What is the name of the first and last sterebra?

Manubrium (first)
Xyphoid process (last)


True/False: The spinous process of the first 10 thoracic vertebrae are much larger than the rest.

False. T1-T9 are much larger than the rest but starting at T8 the spinous process becomes progressively smaller.


Where can you find a synovial bursae interposed between the funicular part of a ligament and certain bony prominences in the large animal?

A. Nuchal Ligament
B. Supraspinous Ligament
C. Dorsal Longitudinal Ligament
D. Ventral Longitudinal Ligament

A. Nuchal Ligament


Which ligament extends between vertebral arches to cover the epidural interarcuate space between the articular process?

A. Interspinous Ligament
B. Suraspinous Ligament
C. Yellow Ligament
D. Nuchal Ligament

C. Yellow Ligament


True/Falst. The seventh lumbar vertebra is slightly shorter than the other lumbar vertebrae.