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What is California Common?

Aka Steam Beer - a lager fermented at warmer temperatures than normal


What is a Pilsner?

Originally brewed in the Bohemian town of Pilsen.
Light straw to holden, crisp, spicy, citrus; German styles tend to be more bitter than others.
Saaz hops
ABV 4-5.5%


What is a Bock?

Stronger than a typical lager; requires extra months of lagering to smooth out the brew. Often seen with a goat on the label.
Malty, dark amber to brown. Generally lightly hopped.
ABV 5.5-7.5%


What is Doppelbock?

Bock (strong lager) with more malt and higher alcohol.
Darker in color than a regular bock; may have cocolate or roasted characters.
ABV 6.5-9%


What is Eisbock?

Created by freezing off a portion of the water and removing it from the beer to concentrated the body, flavor, and alcohol.
Huge range of colors and flavors; generally very heavy/syrupy body, lots of malt.
ABV 9-15%


What is Maibock?

Also called Helles Bock ("light bock," referring to color). More significant hopping than a traditional bock.
Traditionally served in the spring.
ABV 5.7-8%


What is Märzen?

Beer brewed in March (Märzen), brewed at higher gravity to keep through the spring and summer.
Full-bodied, rich, toasty, dark copper in color
ABV 4-7%


What is Vienna Style?

Brewed using a 3-step decocotion boilling process. Munich, Pilsener, Vienna toasted and Dextrin malts are used, as well as wheat.
Subtle hops, crisp, residual sweetness. International examples include Sam Adams Boston Lager, Dos Equis, Negra Modelo.


What is Dortmunder?

A style of lager made famous in Dortmund; classic, clean lager character, sans the flowery aromas of Pilsener. Very dry. Generally higher in alcohol than Pilsener as well.
ABV 4-6%


What is Schwartzbier?

"Black beer." Looks like a stout, drinks like a lager.


What is Munich Helles?

Pioneered by Spaten in 1894; also known as Munich Original Lager. Similar in character to bright, spicy, Czech lagers, but more subdued and balanced with malt.
ABV 4-6%


What is Pale Lager?

An American style brewed without adjuncts (sometimes referred to as "all-malt"), brewed with a broader depth of malt flavor and moderate bitterness.
ABV 4-6%


What is Kvass?

A rye (or ther grain based) -based Russian beer usually fermented with sugars, birch sap, berries, and other fruits - basically, you ferment whatever is around with baker's yeast. Very ancient style of brewing. Kvass means "leaven." Very low in alcohol.
ABV .4-2.5%


What is Rauchbier?

A German style of lager made with malts that are dried over an open fire of beechwood. Smoky, spicy, assertive. Origins in Bamberg, Franken.
Other styles of Smoked Beer exist, whether peat-fired or otherwise.
ABV 4-7%


What is Kellerbier?

An unfiltered and unpasteurized German lager dating to the middle ages. Matured in open casks.
Smooth, naturally cloudy, rich in vitamins. Hop bitterness may be high.
ABV: 4-7%


What is Happoshu?

A japanese product wherein the malt ratio is less than 67%. Also applies to any product produced from any ingredients other than malt, hops, rice, corn, kaoliang (sorghum), potato, starch, or sugar.
Cheaper than beer in Japan because it is taxed less. Produced by breweries.
ABV 4-7%