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What are Lambics?

Belgian beers that are spontaneously fermented in open-top containers. Typically vinous, and sour. Aged from 1-3 years before release, losing their sparkle.


What is Geuze?/Gueuze?

A style of beer created by mixing 1 year old lambics with two to three year old beers. The beer is refermented with aged hops in the bottle.


What are the yeasts used for Lambic beers?

Brettanomyces bruxellensis
Brettanomyces lambicus


Fruit labmics refermented with sour Morello cherries are called what?



Fruit Lambics refermented with raspberries are called what?



Two major fruit Lambic producers

Lindemans: first lambics to be introduced to the US. From Belgium.
Cantillon: Also Belgian, much smaller production. 50% geuze, a range of fruit lambics.


What is Mars?

A mild lambic, produced by reusing the malt from a previous lambic fermenatation - essentially sparging the grains again (for the 2nd time) to produce a weak wort of 1-2% potential alcohol.
Sometimes referred to as "small beer."
Essentially a defunct/historical style.


What is Faro?

A mixture of lambic and a lighter brewed beer, Belgian candy sugar is added for sweetness.


Which other styles of Flemish beer blend new and old beers?

Flanders Oud Bruin
Flanders Red Ale


German law requires what % of wheat for weizen bier?

Minimum 50%
May use up to 60% total


What does Hefe Weizen mean?

Literally, "yeast-wheat"; refers to the fact that the beer was bottled or kegged with the yeast in suspension. Classic yeast produces fruity/banana and clove characters.
ABV 4-7%


What is Dunkel Weizen?

Darker versions of Hefeweizen, with more complex malt flavors, balanced by low bitterness.
ABV 4-7%


What is Kristall Weizen?

Filtered, crystal clear wheat beer
ABV 4-7%


What is White Beer?

A Belgian style wheat beer including additions of orange peel and/or coriander.
ABV 4-7%