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You are ready to taxi. You apply the toe brakes on the rudder pedals and release the PARK BRK. The BRAKES pressure falls to zero. What should you do?

Nothing as this is normal. The brakes pressure indicator only indicates alternate (yellow) brake pressure.


What is indicated by the autobrake DECEL lights?

Airplane deceleration is 80% of selected rate.


The antiskid deactivates when ground speed is less than ...



There are two triangles for each gear on the ECAM WHEEL page. What do they represent?

Each triangle represents the position detected by one of the two computer systems.


What are the four braking modes?

Normal braking alternate braking with antiskid alternate braking without antiskid and parking brake.


What is the maximum speed at which the landing gear may be extended?



The parking brake accumulator is designed to maintain the parking pressure for at least ...

12 hours.


How do you interpret the green arc shown over a wheel indication on the WHEEL page?

It marks the hottest brake with a temperature of more than 100°C.


What is the maximum nosewheel steering angle with the rudder pedals?

+/- 6°


What is required to arm the auto brakes?

Green hydraulic pressure available, anti-skid, no failures in the braking system.


Landing gear operation is inhibited at speeds...

Above 260 +/- 5kts.


How does the antiskid work?

The speed of each main gear wheel (given by a tachometer) is compared to the aircraft speed (reference speed). When the speed of a wheel decreases below approximately 0.87 times (depending on conditions) reference speed brake release orders are given to maintain the wheel slip at that value (best braking efficiency).


What is the meaning of the green arc above the wheel symbol on the wheel page?

The green arc appears on the hottest wheel when one brake temperature exceeds 100°C.


The steering handwheels  which are interconnected  can steer the nose wheel up to ...



How long can the accumulator hold the parking brake pressure?

The accumulator maintains the parking pressure for at least 12 hours.


What is the function of the Landing Gear Control and Interface Units (LGCIUs)?

The LGCIUs control the sequencing of gear and doors electrically. One LGCIU controls one complete gear cycle  then switches over automatically to the other LGCIU at the completion of the retraction cycle. It also switches over in case of failure.


What would occur if you switch off at the A/SKID & NW STRG?

The nose wheel steering is lost anti-skid is deactivated and the yellow hydraulic system supplies the brakes.


You perform a landing with the AUTO/BRK set to MED. After touch down what triggers the AUTO/BRK?

AUTO/BRK starts when the ground spoilers extend and sends a progressive pressure to the brakes.


When a crew member turns the crank it ....

Isolates the landing gear hydraulics from the green hydraulic system unlocks the landing gear doors unlocks the main and the nose gear allows gravity to drop the gear into the extended position.


How many brake applications are possible with the brake accumulator?

Accumulators are designed to supply at least seven full brake applications.


What is the maximum nosewheel steering angle with the handwheels?

The handwheel can turn the nosewheel up to 75° in either direction.


What is the meaning of the amber arc above the wheel symbol on the wheel page?

The green arc becomes amber and an ECAM caution appears  when the corresponding brake temperature exceeds 300°C.


How many turns are required on the gravity extension hand crank to extend the landing gear?



What does the NW STRG DISC memo mean on the E/WD?

The nose wheel steering has been disconnected be ground personal.


During push back you start engine no. 2. You observe that the NW STRG DISC memo has changed to amber. Why?

The memo has become amber because one engine is running.


What 3 things occur when you turn the Gravity Gear Extension handcrank?

- Removes Green hydraulic pressure

- Opens gear doors

- Released the uplocks


How many turns of the Gravity Gear Extension handcrank does it take to lower the gear manually?

3 clock-wise turns


What is the function of the 2 Landing Gear Control and Interface Units (LGCIU)?

- Provide sequencing, operation, monitoring, and indications for the landing gear

- Provide aircraft "In-Flight" or "On the Ground" signals to other aircraft systems


What hydraulic system powers the landing gear and doors?



Is normal hydraulic power available to the gear after Emergence Landing Gear Gravity Extension?