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What is the function of the N/100% selector of the oxygen masks in the cockpit?

100%: The mask delivers 100% oxygen


What is the function of the EMERGENCY pressure selector of the oxygen masks in the cockpit?

This selector creates an overpressure which eliminates condensation and prevents smoke smell or ashes from entering the mask.


How long should the smoke hood work satisfactorily?

The smoke hood uses a chemical air regeneration system which is the breathing key. The hood should work satisfactorily for at least 20 minutes.


At approximately what cabin altitude should the passenger oxygen masks drop?

14,000ft (+0/-500ft).


If the oxygen masks fail to deploy automatically how else can they be deployed?

They can be deployed by pressing the MASK MAN ON pb on the overhead panel.


How is crew oxygen provided?

From a single bottle.


What is the crew oxygen minimum pressure and where can it be read?

1300 PSI ECAM DOOR/OXY page.


You deployed the cabin masks. What is their effective time of use once activated?

15 minutes.


We are on the ground and the engines are not running. What is the appropriate ECAM page to get information about the Oxygen system?

The BLEED or the DOOR page.


What happens during the pre-flight when you push to extinguish the CREW SUPPLY OFF light?

It electrically opens a valve in the avionic bay to supply low-pressure crew oxygen


What would you notice on the DOOR ECAM page when you push to extinguish the CREW SUPPLY OFF light?

The OXY would change from amber to green


What does the PASSENGER SYS ON light mean?

The signal to release the oxygen mask doors has been sent


Where is oxygen stored for the crew?

In a single high-pressure cylinder


Above what altitude will the crew oxygen masks proved 100% oxygen regardless of the position of the Normal/100% selector?

35,000 Feet


What indication would you have of a crew oxygen cylinder thermal discharge?

The green disk on the lower left side of the forward fuselage would be missing


Will the crew oxygen mask microphone automatically be deactivated when the mask is stowed?

No, you must press the RESET slide switch


If the PASSENGER SYS ON light is on, does that mean that all the passenger oxygen masks have deployed?

No, the CC may have to manually deploy some of the masks


What method is used to supply passenger cabin supplemental oxygen?

Chemical Oxygen Generators


How do cabin occupants activate oxygen flow to their masks?

Pull the mask toward the seat


How long does the PAX oxygen last?

13 minutes


When do the masks automatically deploy?

When cabin altitude exceeds 14,000 Feet