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What is the purpose of the water an waste system?

The water and waste system distributes potable water to the toilets and the galleys disposes waste water and store toilet wastes.


How does the toilet system work?

Differential pressure forces waste from the toilet bowls into the waste storage tank. On ground and at altitudes below 16,000ft  a vacuum generator produces the necessary pressure differential. Clear water from the potable water tank flushes the toilets.


What are the main subsystems of the Water/Waste system?

The potable water system the waste water system and the vacuum toilet system.


What is the capacity of the potable water tank?

Potable water is stored in a 200ltrs tank in front of the wing box behind the forward cargo compartment.


Where can you control the water and waste system?

The water and waste control panel is on the forward cabin attendants panel.


What is the capacity of the waste tank?

The waste tank has an usable capacity of 170ltrs.