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what is MADE?

economic crisis


manchuria: info

summary: the japanese plant a bomb as an excuse to invade manchuria. manchuria seeks help from the LON, and japan eventually leaves the LON.

league launches the lytton comission in which lord lytton completed a report on manchuria. he decided that most people saw themselves as chinese in what was now manchukuo, a puppet state.

the league held a vote: 42 against 1. japan announced it was leaving the lon in march 1933.


manchuria: main cause

japan needed resources after TGD, so invades manchuria, which is rich in minerals, oil, coal, farmland and forestry

after the great depression, japanses leaders called for military expansion to strengthen the country


manchuria: effects on the league

they lose respect and a vital main council member

showed the world the LON could not keep peace

they failed to confront aggression, which hitler and mussolini saw and decided the league was weak


abyssinian crisis

italy invades abyssina to make a „new rome“; mussolini wants power and ignores the league, which does nothing


main cause of abyssinia

1: italy had been defeated by abyssinia in 1896

2: it had a good position in africa to add to italy‘s expanding empire

3: mussolini had seen japan get away with manchuria

4: mussolini wanted to make a new rome


effect on the league: abyssinia

-hitler sees he can do what he pleases: the league will not stop him

-league loses respect and trust

- mussolini and hitler agree to the rome berlin axis in 1936, and in 1937 italy joined japan and germany in the anti comintern pact


disarmament: info

the league want to meet in geneva to further discuss their disarmament plans


which treaties encouraged disarmament, but failed?

-washington naval conference (1921)

-(draft treaty) treaty of mutual assistance (1923)

- kellog briand pact (1928) nations agree to not use force to settle arguments

- conference for the reduction and limitation of armaments (1932)

locarno treaties (1925) germany agrees to western borders set at versailles


quick reasons: why did the league fail? (ASSMD)

no army

self interest

economic sanctions were ineffective

countries like the usa weren‘t members

desicions were slow


why did disarmament fail in the 1930‘s? HR BA HW

hitler becomes chancellor and re-arms germany

britain proposes a far too ambitious disarmament plan

hitler withdraws from the league after the disarmament conference


disarmament conference

the league arranged a conference to meet in geneva between 1932-1934

there was a reluctance to trust one another


how was the state of america in the 1920‘s

- most prosperous country in the world

- booming twenties

- billions of dollars loaned, good for economy

- selling goods in masses


why did the stock market crash in ?

october 1929

- too much supply, too little demand
- too many people buying shares
- competition from countries like japan
- overproduction


effects of the depression?

the usa stopped lending money abroad and called in its loans

by 1930 nearly 2000 banks collapsed

12 million people unemployed in the USA

the least affected was the ussr because they were communist

germany had relied on american loans. 6 million people were unemployed in germany

people were more likely to support radical governments


conclude: why did the league fail

did not succeed in its original, core aims
succeeded in improving the lives of ordinary people
but this was not its main goal


for league

- early successes in supporting minor powers

- helped aid refugees of ear

- improved working conditions

- kellog brian pact of 1928

- groundwork for UN




- no disarmament
- rome berlin axis of 1936
- germany and japan leave
- does not prevent german aggression


hoare laval pact

stated that italy would receive two-thirds of abyssinia in return for stopping the war. this amounted to 60,000
square miles of abyssinian territory.


why did britain keep the suez canal open?

feared possible attacks on british colonies like malta by the italian navy