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the refugees committee

this helped to return refugees to their original homes after the end of WW1


the mandates comission

made sure that countries acted in the interests of the the people of mandates and their territory, not on their own interests


the slavery comission

this worked to abolish slavery around the world


the health committee

attempted to deal with the problem of dangerous diseases and to educate people about health and sanitation


the secretariat

the secretariat had specialist sections covering areas such as health, disarmament and economic matters


the council

-met five times a year, in emergencies

- consisted of permanent and temporary members


the assembly (abti)
always buy the interesting

every country in the league sent a representative to the assembly, decided on:

admitting new members

appointing temporary members

the budget of the LON

ideas put forward by the council


the ILO

brought together employers, governments and workersโ€˜ representatives once a year, to improve living and working conditions of workers around the world


the permanent court of international justice

set border disputes and gave legal advice


how did the league enforce itโ€˜s desicions?

moral condemnation
economic sanctions
military action
tarifs (?)