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what were the advantages of a new government?

- provided new leader
- all germans could vote
- bill of rights


disadvantages of the new government

- too radical, too new for volatile germany

- PR encouraged lots of small parties - no one ever had enough sears to form a government


what was the kiel mutiny?

on november 3, 1918, german sailors mutinied instead of attacking the british royal navy. this mutiny sparked rebellions all over the country and led to the kaisers abdication


which party and leader led the new government?

SPD and friedrich ebert


why did germans hate the new government?

for signing the arimistice in november 1918: they called them the november criminals

- for signing the treaty of versailles


spartacist uprising: date

5 - 12 january 1919


spartacist uprising: key facts

50 000 members of the post war- communist party rebelled in berlin, led by rosa luxemburg and karl liebknecht

- freikorps defeated them


kapp putsch: date

13-17 march 1920


kapp putsch key facts

freikorps needed to be reduced due to TOE

- army refused to attack the freikorps

- defeated when ebert decided to call in a general strike


french and belgian occupation of the ruhr

in 1922 france and belgium sent teoops into germanys main industrial area, the RUHR VALLEY.

the german wokers followed a policy of passive resistance - refusing to work or co operate with the foreign troops, and the government continued to pay their wages

- germany had to pay more money to the worlers (and reperations) so this led to hyperinflation


hyperinflation key facts

- a loaf of bread which cost 250 marks in january 1923 had risen to 200,000 million marks in november 1923.

- it eventually cost more money to print a note than the note was worth

- workers were often paid twice per day because prices rose ro fast their wages were virtually worthless by lunchtime


hyperinflation winners

businessmen and landowners found they could pay back their loans easily with worthless money

people on wages were safe as they could negotiate their wages ever day



rebellions during the inflation

- black reichswehr rebelled in september 1923

- communists took over the rhineland in october

- facist nazi party attempted a putsch in munich in november