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what does BRAT stand for?

-B lame
- R eparations
-A rmy
-T erritory


article for blame?

article 231: war guilt clause


point 1: blame

germany had to accept blame for starting the war. this was viral because it provided justification for the other points she needed to fulfill


article for reparations

article 232


point 2: reparations

germany had to pay 6.6 billion pounds for the damage done during the war


point 3: army

-forbade submarines + air force
- army of 100,000 men
- six battleships
-rhineland demilitarization


point 4: territory

-poland was given a ‚corridor‘ to the baltic sea which separated east prussia from germany

- alsace lorraine given back to france who had lost it in 1871

- danzig was now ruled by the LON

- all colonies were given to britain and france as ‚mandates‘

-eupen and malmedy were given to belgium


the name of the austria treaty?

saint germain


name of hungary treaty?



reparations: saint germain

austria went bankrupt before reparations could be set


saint germain: terms?

- no navy
- no austro-hungaria
- tyrol lost 2 italy
- land given to czech and yugo


trianon: terms?

- only allowed three patrol boats

- 200 million gold crowns (hungary couldn‘t pay them so they were suspended)

- land given to czech and yugo


what did woodrow wilson want?

- self determination
- universal disarmament
- independent poland
- free trade between all countries

wilson wanted an overall peaceful figure


why did the USA want this?

- usa had joined later on in the war

- suffered no damage at home

- less emotional

- impartial


what did davild lloyd george want?

- needed support of the public
- wanted to continue trading with germany
- wanted germany to be a barrier against communism
- britain had suffered massive casualties during the war
- wanted germany to keep saar coalfields

george needed support, so he had to be harsh
„hang the kaiser“ „make germany pay“


what did clemenceau want?

- bring germany „to her knees“
- le tigre
- france had suffered the most damage
- needed reparations
- rhineland as a buffer region


was the treaty fair? SMR1870

- schlieffen plan
- mobilization of troops
- france and britain wanted revenge
- germany originally created the principle of reparations and had imposed them on france in 1870


why was it unfair?

- left with only half of her steel and coal industry

- 16% of coalfields were lost

- 10% of land was lost

- payments were around 5% of germanys national income

- was not allowed to negotiate terms

- economic crisis


what words did the germans use that described their reaction?

„dolchstoss“ „november criminals“ and „diktat“


german reaction! EADGFR

- economic crisis
- lost pride without armed forces
- other countries weren‘t disarming
- didn‘t accept guilt for starting the war
- many germans were now ruled by foreign countries