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Thinking your culture is inherently better than other cultures


Cultural humility

Recognizing the good and bad in all cultures, even your own


Do you stare at people in NY? What about in india?

No, Yes


Explain the 3 major belief systems of disease causation.

Latino: do something morally wrong--> punishment
Asians: out of balancem--> yin and yang
Western africa: Disharmony with nature vs. harmony with nature


Do people turn to their own cultures to validate or compare pain?

EX: People will compare pain response to their family. Kids is tough because his dad was always tough


What is the main ideas surrounding cultural humility and care?

Don't needlessly offend
Keep culture on the radar
Find solutions together


Is this an example of an open ended or close ended question: Do you hurt?

Close ended


Is this an example of an open ended or close ended question: where do you hurt?

Open ended


Should verbal communication match our nonverbal communication?

Yes--our body and words should match


How do you have an open body position?

Body positioned in such a way to invite more information from the client
EX: Closed body position would be walking in the room with sunken shoulders and arms crossed--appearing reserved


Computers and paperwork can create communication barriers when used improperly during interviews. Why?

Be concerned with filling in the correct info on the computer, but don't be a task nurse. Have a conversation with the client. Build a relationship so you can better help them.


Discuss appropriate use of an interpreter.

Use the hospital provided interpreter
Avoid using an ad-hoc interpreter (like a fluent family member) because the may violate the client's confidentiality and they may not understand medical terms and add confusion


What sort of guidelines should be established when working with an interpreter?

-Encourage interpreter to avoid an bias, to repeat everything you tell them, and stay calm
-Understand the interview will take much longer than normal
-Document who you use as an interpreter


What is the best thing NOT to do when doing communication.

Don't ask too many questions! LISTEN