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What are the specific policies to be aware of during level 2-3?


Repairs & Maintenance Scope of Service
Right to Repair
Special Decorations
Tenant & Leaseholder Improvements & Alterations
Request to Improve our Properties


What does the tenant and leaseholder improvement and alteration policy describe?


It is used to ensure that any requests to improve our properties are appropriate and within law and follow our policies.

It covers all HRA dwellings and could also include purchases by tenants such as mobility scooters that may require alterations.

You can use PLAN to help decide requests.

With such requests they must include drawings, specifications, details of contractors and building/planning permission.


What does Request to Improve Our Properties Policy describe?


Outlines dealing with requests to improve our property by making them more suitable homes such as; showers, additional rooms, scooter stores, parking facilities. And cost will be responsible by the council.


What is the Right to Repair Policy?


It’s formed from ‘The Secure Tenants of Local Housing Authorities (Right to Repair) Regulations 1994.

And covers the key elements of a tenants home such as water, power and heating.

It outlines defects with a schedule that should be repaired in a certain number of days. E.g. total loss of power or water is 1 day, but partial loss is 3 days. But total or partial loss of gas is one day. Other defects such as a leaking roof or door entry phone not working is 7 days. (All in working days)

However the council work on a demand basis when a tenant requests work and time and dates can be sorted at the tenants convenience.


What does the Special Decorations Policy describe?


It enables tenants who are unable to maintain the decoration of their homes to have the work carried out by the council. All HRA dwellings are covered.

Criteria follows; internal decs are in poor condition
Resident cannot pay for decorations
Resident over age of retirement or disabled
No other able body in the household or supporting family can do it