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Where is London?

South-east of England, capital city of the UK, in Western Europe between North America and the rest of Europe making it a good location for trade


What is the population of London?

8.1 Million - 12.5% of UK population


How much of UK land space does London take up?



How diverse is London?

36% are black/Asian/ethnic minorities
1/3 of Londoners born abroad
Over 2 million Londoners don't speak English at home


What is crime like in London?

Crime rate has fallen for the past consecutive 10 years


What is transport like in London?

Orbital Ring Road on M25 links London to many other motorways, links to the UK and Europe at Kings Cross & St. Pancras stations, 1/2 a million bike journeys a day, car use falling since 2000


How is London globally and nationally important?

6th largest city economy, home to 15 of 250 largest corporations HQs, over 1/5 of UK gross value comes from London, higher wages
No. Of businesses per 1000 working age people higher than anywhere else in UK, 2x as many businesses set up, 11.2% of LDN companies turn over £1m


What is employment like in London?

5 Million jobs in London in 2012, 40 higher education institutions, 1/2 of working Londoners have a degree


How much greenspace is there in London?

65% of area is greenspace or water, 8 royal parks


How many tourists does London see yearly?

16.9 million - most visitors from USA, 2/3 from Europe


Why is the total population in London increasing?

People are migrating to London (1/3 born abroad) and natural increase (133,000 born in 2015)


What employment opportunities are there in London?

London's GVA was over £274b - 22% of UK total
Largest contributor to economy among British regions
London residents are more likely to be employed in managerial, professional occupations than anywhere else in the UK


How does London provide for Urban Greening?

Huge range of green spaces open to the public e.g. Hampstead Heath, 700 green spaces put on roofs as living space or to grow plants, rivers and water jetties used as significant water bird breeding roosts


To what extent is there a cultural mix in London?

In 3 Boroughs white people are the minority, Inner London has the highest non-white population than anywhere else in UK (37%)


How many people is London's population growing by yearly?



How many new homes are being built yearly?



How many people in London are living in poverty?

Over 2 million


What percentage of people are living on benefits in Newham and Kensington & Chelsea?

Newham - Over 20%
K&C - 5-10%


What percentage of people achieved good GCSE grades in K&C and Newham?

K&C - 82%
Newham - 60%


How is London an unequal city?

16% of Londoners are the poorest 10th nationally but 17% of Londoners are the richest 10th nationally
The richest 10% have 60% of assets but the poorest 80% of the population share 20% of all asset wealth in London


What was London and the UK's unemployment rate in the period October to December 2011?

London - 10%
U.K. - 8.4%


How many hectares of brownfield sites are there in London?



How many new homes are going to be built in a £400m scheme announced by the Government in 2014?



What 3 air pollutants does London have problems with and why?

Ozone pollution, nitrogen oxide, particulate matter - size of city, dense road network and high buildings


What percentage of London's waste is recycled, incinerated and sent to landfill?

61% recyled, 6% incinerated, 24% sent to landfill