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What is urbanisation?

When an increasing amount of people come to live in towns and cities, common today in LICs & NEEs.


What is rural to urban migration?

Moving from the countryside into cities and towns


What is a megacity and how many are there?

A megacity is an urban area with a population in excess of 10 million people, as of 2015 there are 21 mega cities


What was done as part of the Favella Bairro Project in Rio?

Paved & formally named roads, access to water supply & drainage system, hillsides secured to prevent landslides, building of new education, health & leisure facilities


What issues have arisen since the Favella Bairro Project has taken place?

Budget has not covered every Favela, new infrastructure not maintained and residents do not know how to make repairs, rents are rising in the improved favelas.


Where is Mumbai?

The West Coast of India, in the Maharashtra State.


What importance does Mumbai have to India?

Wealthiest city in India, accounts for 6% of its GDP, most globalised city in India


What importance does Mumbai have to the world?

One of the world's top 10 centres of commerce in terms of global financial flow, good shipping links with Europe, America & the Middle East making it a good area for trade


What opportunities are in Mumbai?

$1bil products produced yearly, recycling is a massive industry with 80% of waste being recycled, low crime rates, 15,000 factories, everything is in a few yards which means people walk everywhere


What Challenges are there in Mumbai?

40% live in poor quality housing or on the streets, many live in illegal squatter settlements, rivers used to dispose of waste, 95% of households do not have access to the recommended amount of water


What is sustainability?

Something that can be continued without causing harm to people and the environment, now and in the future


What are the 3 main strands of sustainable urban living?

Water and energy conservation, waste recycling, creating green space


Name an example of a sustainable community in the UK

BedZED - Beddington, London
UK's largest sustainable community


What is done in BedZED to make it a sustainable area?

Effluent treated on site so it can be re-used for flushing toilets, triple glazing & south facing windows reduce energy use for heating by 81%, 60% of waste recycled by placing it in desperate bins, roofs covered with plants for green space & habitat


What is an integrated transport system?

Transport linking to one another so it is easily accessible

e.g in Newcastle - buses to metro stations


How has public transport use increased in the UK?

Bus lanes for quicker public transport, Congestion charges in London & Durham, bike to work scheme offering tax free bikes


What has been done in Freiburg to increase public transport use and reduce car use?

400km of cycle paths, car parking restrictions, traffic plan updated every 10 years


What has happened as a result of these measures in Freiburg?

Car journeys decreased by 300,000 and tram journeys increased by 25,000


What has been done in Beijing to encourage public transport use and discourage car use?

Apply to own a vehicle, 30 new metro lines, increased parking fees, congestion charge & pollution tax


What has been the result of this in Beijing?

20% decrease in car use and 12% drop in car park usd


Where is London?

South East England, capital city of the UK - in between North America and Europe making it a good location for trade


What opportunities are there in London?

London has highest UK non-white population {38%}, GVA over £274bil, largest economic contributor to the UK, 38% open green space with only 14% buildings


What Challenges are there in London?

Population growing by 100,000 yearly but only 20,000 homes being built, over 2 million living in poverty, 10% unemployment rate between Oct - Dec 2011 (higher than 8.4% UK average)