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Where is Mumbai?

West Coast of India, next to the Arabian Sea - in the Maharashtra state


How does Mumbai link with other countries?

Has a port which can go to America, Africa and other middle eastern countries
Airport links to London, America and many other European countries


How is Mumbai important to India?

Wealthiest city in India, accounts for 6% of India's GDP, largest number of TNC HQ's in SE Asia, main Indian stock market, busiest port & airport in India


How is Mumbai globally important?

40% of foreign trade, 25% of industrial production, 1 of the world's top 10 centres of commerce in terms of global financial flow, HQ of many Indian financial institutions, large number of International companies, largest amount of foreign investment


Why has Mumbai grown in population?

Urbanisation, natural increase, migration (1.97m migrated in 2001-2011)


What is a formal economy?

Work done with knowledge of the government - regular wage, assured rights, wages are taxed


What is an informal economy?

Work done without the official knowledge of the government - don't pay tax, no worker's rights


What is the largest squatter settlement in Asia?



What are the opportunities associated with living in Mumbai?

Very low crime rates, sense of community, good work ethic, 80% of plastic recycled, people walk everywhere, $1bil in products produced yearly, 15,000 factories, 85% employed, lots of development opportunities


What are the challenges of living in Mumbai?

Access to basic services is limited (95% of households had lower access to clean water than the recommended amount), risks of illness and disease, low wages therefore people turn to crime, 40% of population live in poor quality housing, large volumes of waste is expensive to deal with