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What is a sustainable city?

An urban area where residents have a way of life that will last a long time - the environment is not damaged and the economic and social fabric, due to local involvement, are able to stand the test of time.


What are the 3 main strands of sustainable urban living?

Water and energy conservation, waste recycling, creating green space


What has been done to conserve energy in Newcastle?

Newcastle City Council work with over 600 sites to improve energy efficiency - they manage a £12m energy spend


What is done in Newcastle towards water conservation?

Newcastle University are trying to reduce water use on campus by installing aerated shower heads and water meters


What is being done towards waste management in Newcastle?

Residents can pay for a brown bin which collects garden waste so it can be composted. They also force people to separate waste wherever possible, increasing recycling rates.Every household has a recycling bin where cardboard, plastics, metals and glass can be recycled.


How are Newcastle City Council 'Greening the city'?

There is a large amount of green space including the Town Moor, Exhibition Park and Jesmond Dene


Give an example of a sustainable city

BedZED - Beddington, SW London, built 2002 on a brownfield site


How is BedZED a sustainable city?

Combined Heat and Power plant designed to burn waste to produce hot water, effluent from toilets is treated on site so it can be re-used, South-Facing windows & triple glazing reduce energy for heating by 81%, 60% of waste recycled by separators in kitchens, good public transport links & car sharing club, roofs covered with plants