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What is the minimum size of boiler feed line for a boiler having less than a 100 sq ft of heating surface?



What is the name of the piping configuration designed to prevent complete drainage of the boiler in case of a broken wet return line

The Hartford Loop


What is the piece of pipe between the return header and blow-off valve called?

The blow-off line


What type of valve would be used on a low pressure steam boiler for draining?

Globe Valve


What would be the steam header size for a low pressure steam boiler with four 2" steam nozzles?



What is the required grade for steam main piping?

1" per 20 ft


What is the required grade for the steam header piping?

2% or 1/4" per ft


How should the minimum capacity rating of a safety valve to be installed on a boiler compare to the data provided on the boiler rating plate?

Equal to or greater than the maximum heat output rating


What is the function of the operating pressure control?

To turn on or shut off the fuel at the pressures required for use in the system


Where would a compound gauge be used instead of a pressure gauge

On a system that may operate at pressures less than standard atmospheric


Where is the lowest visible portion of the water gauge glass on a LP steam boiler to be set during installation ?

At least 1" above the lowest safe water line


If a controller with a subtractive differential scale is set with a differential pressure of 1 psi on a system to be operated at a minimum of 1psi, what is the setting for the pressure on the main scale?



What will happen if a combination LWCO/water feeder control cannot keep up with a drop in the boiler water line

The LWCO switch will open and shut off the fuel supply to the boiler


What can happen if the cold water impinges on a directly heated surface within a boiler

Cracking of the boiler metal due to thermal shock