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Why is end of main vent required on large one pipe systems?

To insure quick venting of air from the horizontal steam main


What are the characteristics of a vacuum type vent?

Non return proportional air venting


Why is a minimum 1/2" annular space required around a stub to a radiator

To allow for movement of the pipe and radiation due to expansion and contraction


How is the air vented from the radiator in a two-pipe pumped condensate return low-pressure steam system

Through the traps


What should be done if the pressure in a steam coil becomes too low to push the condensate back to a return main when using a modulating controller

Install a relief trap


What does the presence of soot in the firebox or in the flues or vents indicate?

Lack of combustion air


What is the first thing to do if no water is visible in a sight glass and the boiler is still firing

Shutoff fuel supply to the boiler


What will the temperature of a mixture of air and steam to be at 10 psig

Lower than the saturation temperature of 100% dry steam


What should be done with the isolation valves before breaking open the pipe joints to service or repair the line or equipment?

Check that the valves are closed then tag and if possible lock out the valves