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What is the definition of a counterflow main LP steam system?

Condensate returns to the boiler against the steam flow in the horizontal main


What would best describe the system in fig 27?

One pipe Gravity system


How is a two pipe Gravity return system balanced so the steam will fill each radiator at approx same time

By proper sizing of the orifice in the air vent


What is the name of the system in which a self-induced vacuum can occur?



What will occur if the automatic water feeder cannot keep up with the rate of steam evaporation from the boiler

The low water cut-off will shut off the fuel source


What could result of a high water level reduces the available steam space at the top of the boiler

Priming and carryover with possible water hammer


Why are residential one-pipe Gravity return system designs for a maximum of a 1/2" pressure drop a cross the system

To maintain low steam velocities in the system


If the volume of steam flow per hr is known, what else do you need to know to calculate the probable velocity in a pipe?

Cross sectional area of the pipe


How should eccentric reducers be installed in lines used for condensable vapours

Flat on the bottom


What size should a drip leg be on a 6" pipe main?