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What type of pipeline movement occurs where all motion is in a straight line along the longitudinal axis of the pipe

Axial movement


What type of expansion loop is used in horizontal pipe racks where the loop must be raised to clear adjacent piping

Offset expansion loop


What may be created between the packing at the end of the hub in a sleeve type expansion joint installed in the horizontal position

Water pocket


What determines the number of corrugations required in a bellows type expansion joint

Amount of expansion to be absorbed


Which expansion control device uses a combination of two hinged joints attached to a common ring in the centre of the joint

Gimbal expansion joint


Who's job is it to ensure that the anchor points required for the piping are strong enough to withstand the forces acting against them

Structural engineer


What may need to be fused onto a thin wall pipe to provide a strong enough support for an anchor on the run of the pipe

Thrust pad


What will occur as the ends of the pipe begin to push against the anchor points

The line will try to deflect


What force besides pressure thrust imposes a load against the anchors

Friction between the pipe and the support system


Why would you install rollers under the pipe or pipe shoes

To reduce the friction load imposed on the anchors


Which types of joints impose the least amount of thrust against the anchors

Ball,hinged and gimbal joint configurations


What amount of expansion would need to be allowed for in a 10" high pressure carbon steel steam line operating at 100 psi when the length of line is 750' when installed at a temp of 45*f

17 5/8


What type of guide is designed to act as an anchor against side thrust as well as to maintain the axial alignment of the pipe

Angle iron clip guide


What should be done to determine the required lengths of the legs in an unequal spread expansion loop..

Use the appropriate tables or slide charts


What procedures are used to normalize the stress created during fabrication of an expansion loop

Post heat annealing or stress relieving


Why would an inline expansion joint be used in preference to a piping offset or expansion loop

The offset or loop takes up to much room


If a bellows expansion joint does not have control rods, where should the first set of guides be placed

Within 2' of the bellows


What needs to be determined before an expansion or contraction compensation device is installed in a system

Direction and the amount the pipe will move after installation


What should be done before anchoring the lines when the ambient temp is radically differentthan the temp range specified for installation

Consult the piping engineer for the proper procedure to follow


What has to be done if a sleeve type joint has been received fully compressed

Pull the joint open mechanically to the amount required


What should be done before removing the shipping bars from a bellows type expansion joint

Anchor and hydro test the line at designed installation temps


What is the change in length of a 456m long low pressure condensate return line who's coefficient of expansion is 0.0000162/*c when the delta T is 67*c



You are installing a 65mm copper chilled glycol line that is 125 m long when the ambient temp is 20*c. What is the expansion or contraction you must allow for when operating at the design temp of -14*c