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Which organ starts immediately below the cricoid cartilage of the larynx?

- the trachea


What muscle lies on the posterior of the trachea?

- the trachealis muscle
- (note that it is fused with the esophagus)


What do we call an abnormal connection between the trachea and the esophagus?

- a trachea-esophageal fistula


What is the bifurication of the trachea into the left and right bronchi called?

- the carina


Which arteries supply the trachea?

- the inferior thyroid arteries which enter via the posterior side (through the trachealis)


The right main bronchus divides into which major branches?

- the right upper lobe bronchus, the right middle lobe bronchus, and the right lower lobe bronchus


The left main bronchus divides into which major branches?

- the left upper lobe bronchus and the left lower lobe bronchus


What is the region between the lungs called? What does it contain

- the mediastinum
- contains the heart, the great vessels, the azygous vein system, the trachea, the esophagus, and the thymus


The _______ pleura lines the lung, while the _______ is applied firmly to the chest wall and mediastinum.

- visceral pleura covers the lungs
- parietal pleura lines the chest wall and mediastinum


Which of the pleura (visceral or parietal) is sensitive to pain?

- only the parietal pleura because it is innervated by the intercostal nerves
- the visceral pleura has no sensory nerve supply


What attaches each lung to the heart and the trachea?

- the hilum and the pulmonary ligament
- (hilum is above the pulmonary ligament)


What is the lingula (or lingular segment) of the left upper lobe?

- a tongue-like projection at the bottom of the upper lobe that extends around the pericardium
- (it is basically the left lung's middle lobe)


Where do the bronchial arteries branch off from?

- directly from the descending aorta


Where do the bronchial veins drain into?

- the azygous and hemiazygous veins


The lower lobes of the lung are ______ to the upper lobes.

- posterior
- you can't really see the lower lobes from an anterior view


What path does fluid drained from the lungs take?

- lymphatics drain into the hilar lymph nodes --> bronchial nodes --> tracheobronchial nodes --> mediastinal nodes


Which nerve innervates the diaphragm? What else does it innervate?

- the phrenic nerve
- it also innervates the pericardium


At what vertebral level does the trachea bifuricate? What else is found at this level?

- T4
- the 2nd rib is found here
- the sternal angle of Louis exists here
- the ascending aorta becomes the aortic arch here