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What is the accessory process?

A small prominence of bone at the base of each transverse process.


What are the angulations of the pedicles in relation to the frontal and axial planes in the lumbar spine?

90° to the axial plane and 45° to the frontal plane


What is the pars interarticularis?

The junction of the lamina to the pedicle.


Which ligament links each lamina?

The ligamentum flavum


Descrive the anatomical shape of the lumbar lamina.

Triangular in shape, wide, flat structures that slope downwards posteriorly to join in the midline to form the spinous process which points directly backwards.


What is the conus medullar is, and where is it found?

The inferior region of the spinal cord usually found between T12 and L1.


How many degrees of angulation are found at the lumber-sacral junction?

30° by Deseze


What is the sacra-iliac joint?

The joint formed between the medial surface of the ilium and the lateral aspect of the upper sacral vertebrae.


Where does the anterior longitudinal ligament run from at its superior border and extend to at its inferior border?

From the bass occiput to the sacrum.


Where does the interspinous ligament attach and connect?

The spinous processes


Where does the supraspinous ligament attach and connect?

The tips of the spinous processes


How are the lumbar facet joints aligned and how does this limit movement?



What is the sacral promontory?

The projecting anterior edge of the first sacral vertebra. It is used as a landmark for sacral screw insertion.