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On the right lung the pulmonary arteries and veins are anterior to?..

The branchii


Bifurcation of the trachea

Stems the two main bronchi


Each main bronchus divides into

Lobar bronchi

Two on the left, three On theright


Each lobar bronchus divides into

Segmental bronchi...that supply the bronchopulmonary segments


Each bronchopulmonary segment is supplied independently by a segmental bronchus > more branches that end in ...

Terminal bronchioles> respiratory bronchioles> alveolar ducts> alveolar sacs
Pulmonary alveolus is the basic structural unit of gas exchange in the lung


Each lung has ___ pulmonary arteries and ____ pulmonary veins

1 p.a.
2 p.v.

P.a. Carry poorly oxygenated blood to the lungs for oxygenation
- divide into lobar and segmental arteries ( within lung)


Bronchial arteries

Supply blood to the structures making up the root of the lungs, the supporting tissues of the lung, and the visceral pleura