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Apex of axilla

Is the cervico-axiallary canal, which is the passage way between the neck and the axilla

It is bounded by the first rib , clavicle, and superior edge of scapula


Base of the axilla

Formed by the concave skin, subcutaneous tissue, and axillary(deep) fascia extending from the arm to the thoracic wall forming the axillary fossa(armpit)


Anterior wall of axilla

Is formed by the pec major and minor and the pectoral and clavipectoral fascia

Anterior axillary fold is the most inferior part of the anterior wall


Posterior wall of the axilla

Anteriorly formed by the scapula and subscapulari
inferiorly by lats and teres major


Medial wall of axilla

Formed by the thoracic wall and the overlying serratus anterior


Lateral wall of axilla

Is the narrow bony wall formed by the intertubercular sulcus of humerus


Axillary artery (first part)

Located between lateral border of the first rib and the medial border of pec minor
It is enclosed in axillary sheath and has one branch: the superior thoracic artery


Axillary artery(second part)

Lies posterior to the pectoralis minor and has 2 branches: the thoraco-acromial artery and lateral thoracic artery


Axillary artery(3rd part)

Extends from the lateral border of the pectoralis minor to the inferior border of the teres major and has 3 branches: the subscapular artery(largest), the anterior circumflex humeral artery, and posterior circumflex humeral artery


Seperior thoracic artery

First part of axillary
Helps supply first and second intercostal spaces and superior part of Sarratus anterior


Thoraco-acromial artery

2nd part of axillary
Divides into four branches: pectoral, deltoid, acromial, and clavicular


Lateral thoracic artery

Second part of axillary
Supply lateral aspect of breast


Circumflex humeral(posterior and anterior)

Third part of axillary
Encircle surgical neck of humerous, anastomosing with each other laterally; larger posterior branch traverses quadrangular space


Subscapular artery

Third part of axillary artery
Descends from level of inferior border of subscapularis along lateral border of scapula, dividing within 2-3 cm into terminal branches, the circumflex scapular, and thoracodorsal arteries


Roots of the brachial plexus are ____ and begin_____

C5-t1 anterior rami
Lateral cervical region(posterior triangle)

Plexus- network of nerves ...innervating the upper limbs


In the inferior part of the neck the roots of the brachial plexus unite to form______

3 trunks: superior, middle, and inferior


Superior trunk of brachial plexus

From the union of c5 and c6 roots


Middle trunk of the brachial plexus

Which is a continuation of the c7 root


Inferior trunk of brachial plexus

From the union of c8 and t1 roots


Anterior divisions of the trunks

Supply the anterior(flexor) compartments of the upper limb


Posterior divisions of the trunks

Supply posterior(extensor) compartments of the upper limb


Lateral cord of b.p.

Formed by the union of Anterior devisions of the superior and middle trunks
-1st branch of this is lateral pectoral nerve


Medial cord of b.p.

Continuation of the anterior division of the inferior trunk
-1st medial pectoral nerve

-2nd medial cutaneous nerve of arm
-3rd medial cutaneous forearm


Posterior cord of the b.p.

Formed by the union of all the posterior divisions of all 3 trunks
Behind the axillary artery

1st branch upper subscapular
2nd thoracodorsal nerve
3rd lower subscapular


Axillary artery

Continuation of the subclavian artery
-first rib
Continues distally as brachial artery
-inferior border of teres major
3 parts
-divided by pec minor


Subclavian artery stops where the axillary starts. Where is this?

Lateral border of 1st rib


Terminal branches of lateral cord

Musculocutaneous n
Half of the median n


Terminal branches of posterior cord

Axillary n
Radial n


Terminal branches of medial cord

Ulnar n
Half of the median n