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Movement at the pectoral girdle...(3 joints)

Involves the sternoclavicular, acromioclavicular, and glenohumeral joints, usually moving simultaneously.


Scapulohumeral rhythm

For every 3 degrees of elevation, approximately 2 degrees occurs at the glenohumeral joint and 1 degree at the scapulothoracic.


The sternoclavicular(sc) joint is a _____ _____ joint, but function as a _______ joint.

Synovial saddle joint but functions as a ballandsocket joint


The articular disk of the sc joint serves as....

A shock absorber of forces transmitted from the upper limbs along the clavicle
The disk is firmly attached by an anterior and posterior ligaments, as well as an inter clavicular ligament


The joint capsule of the sc joint

The fibrous layer of the capsule is attached to the margins of the articular surfaces

A synovial membrane lines internal surfaces of the fibrous layer of the capsule


The interclavicular ligament strengthens ....

The joint capsule of the sc joint superiorly


Costoclavicular ligament

Anchors the clavicle to the first rib and its costal cartilage, limiting elevation of the pectoral girdle


Acromioclavicular (ac) joint

Is a plane synovial articulation


The AC ligament

Fibrous band expending from the acromion to the clavicle, strengthening the ac joint superiorly

Most of the joint strength comes from the coracoidclavicular ligament


coracoidclavicular ligament

Subdivided into conoid and trapezoid ligaments

In addition to augmenting the ac joint, the coracoclavicular ligament provides the means by which the scapula and free limbs are passively suspended from the clavicle


Conoid ligament

Apex is Attached to the roof of the coracoid process and the base attachment is to the conoid tubercle on the inferior surface of the clavicle
P 478


The nearly horizontal Trapezoid ligament

Is attached to the superior surface of the coracoid process and extends laterally and posteriorly to the trapezoid line on the inferior surface of the clavicle


Please listen to me

Pec lateral teres medial


Coraco-acromial arch overlies the head of the humerus, preventing

its superior displacement from the glenoid cavity


The glenohumeral joint is supplied by

The anterior and posterior circumflex arteries and branches of the suprascapular


What are string fibrous thickenings of the joint capsule?

Collateral ligaments


Oblique band

One of the ulnar collateral ligs

Deeps the trochlea


Distal Ulnar collateral ligament

Attaches to ulnar styloid process and triquetrum


Distal radial collateral ligament

Attaches to radial styloid process and scaphoid


Mcp joint

Collateral ligs pass posterior to joint axis for flexion extension

Taut at 70-90 deg of flexion

When mcp joint in extension the ligs are relaxed. If immobilized for long time they will have a hard time flexing and making a fist


Mcp joint blood supply

Deep digital arteries arising from superficial palmar arches


Carpal joints ligaments

Carpal bones United by anterior , posterior, and interosseous ligaments