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What is a family?

  • The foundation for all human activity.
  • Within the family the norms and values of society are lived out so that children can be carefully brought into adulthood.


What is a nuclear family?

  • Most common type of family in Britain.
  • Two parents and one or more children
  • All living in the same house. 


What is an extended family?

  • Several adults and children who are related living in the same home.
  • E.G uncles, grandparents etc living together and sharing family roles. 


What is a Reconstituted family?

  • A family where someone who is divorced and now lives with their new partner. 
  • A mix of step-parents and step-children. 


What is a single-parent family?

  • One parent raising one or more children alone. 
  • This type of family has increased in modern Britain as a result of an increasing divorce rate. 


What is a childless family?

  • A married or cohabiting couple are either unable to have children naturally or decide to not have children. 


What was the traditional role of men in the family?

  • Christianity, Islam and Judaism all had a traditional role of the man. They were responsible for providing for the family through work.
  • This is a 'patriarchal' view. 


What was the traditional role of women in the family?

  • Christianity, Judaism and Islam all had a similar traditional view of women in family life. The mother was responsible for domestic life.
  • This is a matriarchal view. 


What do Christians, Jews and Muslims all think about family?

  • It is the most important foundation of society.
  • We need to create strong nuclear and extended families. 


How have views on family life changed?

  • Men and women are thought of as a partnership in family life, with shared responsibilities. 


How has the role of the woman changed in family life?

  • Much more likely to continue working when they have got married and had children.
  • Men and women can share parental leave. 


How has the role of the man changed within family life?

  • Increasing numbers of men are becoming 'house-husbands'. 
  • The number of men had doubled since 1993. 
  • Men and women can have shared parental leave. 


Why is family important to religion?

  • Religion is taught by the family and encouraged.
  • The 10 Commandments tells you to ' honour your mother and father' 


How do parents encourage religion in their children?

  • They take their children to a place of worship
  • Teach them how to read the Bible
  • Teach them how and when to pray
  • Join in the celebration of festivals


What do Humanists think about bringing your children up religious?

  • Children should make up their own ideas about religion. 
  • Everyone should be able to make a free choice about accepting or rejecting religious beliefs. 


What is a worldwide family?

  • For many religious believers, those that share the same faith are thought of as extended family.
  • Christians use the phrase 'people of God' 
  • Muslims call it 'ummah' 


What does Pope Francis say about the worldwide family?

  • The family is the basis of human society
  • The role of the mother in passing on religious faith is fundamental.
  • 'it is very important to reaffirm the family'


What do Humanists believe about marriage?

  • It is a significant part of human life.
  • They understand why a couple may want a special ceremony to show their commitment.
  • The ceremony would hold no religious aspect.
  • The significance is for the couple and for society. 


What do Christians, Muslims and Jews think about marriage?

  • It is the basis of family life.
  • It is God-given
  • The best basis for creating and environment into which children should be born
  • A lifelong commitment. 


What is the Christian attitude towards marriage?

  • It is a given by God ( A Sacrament)
  • The phrase 'ordained by God' is used. Giving marriage special significance for all.
  • Jesus taught about the importance of marriage. 
  • It is forever - 'What God has joined together, let no man put asunder' 
  • The relationship is the most important human relationship for the couple/ 


What is the order of the wedding service in a Chuch of England ceremony?

  1. The vicar welcomes everyone and gives a talk on the nature and purpose of marriage.
  2. The couple exchange their vows that reflect the Christian beliefs on marriage.
  3. The couple exchange rings as a sign of commitment.
  4. The vicar declares the couple married.
  5. There are prayers and Bible readings.
  6. The married couple sign the register in front of a registrar and witnesses making it legal.


What does the vow 'to have and to hold mean'?

That the couple will be physically together in a sexual relationship. 


What does the vow 'from this day forward' mean?

This day marks the beginning of the marriage. 


What does the vow' for better or for worse' mean?

That the marriage should last through both good times and when life is more difficult. 


What does the vow 'for richer or for poorer' mean?

That the marriage should last whether the couple are wealthy or poor. 


What does the vow 'in sickness and in health' mean?

In spite of mental or physical illness. 


What does the vow 'to love and to cherish' mean?

The couple should support and care for each other. 


What does the vow 'till death do us part' mean?

The marriage is expected to be a lifelong commitment. 


What does the vow 'according to God's holy law' mean?

The marriage is ordained by God.


What does the vow 'and this is my solemn vow' mean?

That the vows are a serious commitment taken by the couple.