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What do Other Christians (Creationists or Fundamentalists) believe about the Big Bang Theory?

  1. Science is wrong
  2. The Bible is right
  3. Evidence of the Big Bang can be explained by the Apparent Age theory
  4. Creationists believe that God created the universe in the way described in the Bible


What is the Big Bang Theory?

  1. The world was started with a big bang - a big explosion. Which led to stars and planets being formed. 
  2. It can lead to people such as Hawking to doubt that God exsists as the world can be created without the need for God. 
  3. It was Lemaitre (A Catholic Priest) who started the work that became known as the Big Bang Theory


Which scholar supports the Big Bang Theory?

Stephen Hawking. 


What do Catholics believe about the Big Bang?

  1. They believe in the Big Bang.
  2. The theory supports their believe of creation out of nothing.
  3. The Big Bang theory was put forward by a Catholic Priest.
  4. 'Let there be light' could be reference to the explosion. 
  5. Science explains HOW the universe came about and Genesis explains WHY. 


Is there a problem between science and religion?

  1. No - for Catholics there is no conflict.
  2. Yes - for people who take the Bible literally (Creationists) there is a conflict.


What is Apparent Age theory?

  • The idea that the world would have looked billions of years old when it was only a second old
  • When Adam was made the world was 6 days old, but would have looked billions of years old to Adam


What is the 'intelligent design' argument?

  • The universe is so complex that it can't have happened by chance
  • It must have been created by an intelligent designer - God
  • The universe is so complex, a removal of any of its parts would stop it working
  • DNA is so complex, this could not have just happened by chance
  • These complexities mean that neither the Big Bang or evolution could have happened by chance


What is the scientific theory of evolution?

  1. Idea proposed by Charles Darwin
  2. The idea that organisms gradually change and develop through natural selection.
  3. Certain characteristics help animals to survive.
  4. An example is the Giraffe getting a longer neck over time
  5. Evolution takes millions of years to come about.


Which modern scholar did we look at for evolution?

Richard Dawkins


What does Richard Dawkins say about evolution?

  1. Evolution does away with the need for God and the belief that humans have souls.
  2. Humans are just survival machines and don't have any other purpose.
  3. We are just genetic mutation and advanced animals. 


What is the Catholic view of Evolution?

  1. Catholics think that evolution supports the idea of a loving creator God.
  2. It supports the idea that God created the world with purpose and everything exists as part of his plan,
  3. The Pope sees no conflict between evolution and Catholic belief. 


What do Christians think about stewardship?

  1. We should all be stewards of creation.
  2. Christians believe God made humans superior to other animals by giving them reason and free will and this is why they should look after the world. 
  3. Every individual has a duty to care for their neighbours around the world. 


What do Christians believe about killling in self-defence?

  • Most Christians would say it is legitimate to take the life of someone attacking you if that is the only way to protect your life
  • The Sanctity of your own life takes precedence over the sanctity of other people's lives


What is the Christian view on the Sancity of life?

  • God created human and animal life
  • All life is special and should be protected
  • Each life is unique and valuable beyond measure
  • Only God should take away life


What is the Catholic view of the sanctity of life?

  1. Human Life is Special and should be cared for 
  2. Each person is unique because God made them.
  3. Catholic church teaches that all life is sacred and that everyone has the right to life which should be protected and valued AT EVERY STAGE.


What do Christians believe about killing in war?

  • Some Christians believe that the sanctity of life means they should never fight in wars (Pacifism)
  • Most Christians believe that they can fight in 'just' wars because the need to protect the innocent form aggressors justifies breaking the sanctity of life beliefs


What Christian views are there FOR capital punishment?

  • Jesus never taught that Capital Punishment was wrong. 
  • In the Old Testament it teaches that Capital Punishment should be used for some crimes. 
  • Some people argue that it upholds the commandment 'do not kill' as it shows the seriousness of murder as a crime. 
  • St Paul teaches that you should obey the law of your country - Capital Punishment is legal in some. 
  • The Catholic Church has not cancelled their statements that Capital Punishment can be used by the country. 


What Christian views are there AGAINST capital punishment?

  • Jesus came to reform sinners - you can't reform a dead person.
  • The 5th Commandment says 'do not kill'
  • Jesus said revenge is wrong 'turn the other cheek'
  • Christianity teaches all life is Sacred and only God can give and take away life.
  • The message of Christianity is love and forgiveness - Capital Punishment goes against this.
  • The wrong person might be killed.
  • Pope Francis stated he is against Capital Punishment.


What non-religious views are there FOR capital punishment?

  • Retribution is a major part of punishment - the only retribution for murder is Capital Punishment. 
  • Human life is valuable and the worth of it will be shown by giving those who take a life the worst punishment it acts as a good deterrent. 


What non-religious views are there AGAINST capital punishment?

  • No court can be sure the correct verdict is given - you could kill an innocent person. 
  • It is proven that countries without Capital Punishment have a lower murder rate - so it doesn't work as a deterrent. 
  • Murderers regard life in prison as worse than Capital Punishment. 
  • Humanists say that all people have Human Rights and Capital Punishment takes away this. 


What do Literalist Christians (Creationists or Fundamentalists) believe about Evolution?

  • It can be explained by Noah's flood
  • Fossils are remains of animal life destroyed by Noah's flood
  • There are no fossils showing changes from one species to anotehr


What is an abortion?

A deliberate ending of a pregnancy


What is pro-life when thinking about abortion?

The idea that abortion is always wrong and every human (including embryos) has a right to life. 


What is Pro-Choice when thinking about abortion?

 The idea that a woman should be able to choose what happens to her own body. This includes choosing to end a pregnancy. 


What are the UK laws on abortion?

  1. Abortion was legalised in Britain in 1967.
  2. An abortion cannot happen after 24 weeks.
  3. Two doctors must agree to the abortion.
  4. You must have justification to have an abortion. 
  5. If the baby is found to have a severe disability abortion may take place after 24 weeks. 


What does the Catholic Church say about Abortion?

  1. Against abortion in all circumstances as Human life is sacred.
  2. Life begins at conception, Abortion is therefore seen as murder
  3. The foetus has a right to life.
  4. They would encourage adoption after birth rather than abortion.


What is double effect? (Catholic views on abortion)

Double effect says that if the mother's life was in danger during pregnancy, then the action to save the life of the mother even if it destroys the life of the unborn child is acceptable as the intention is to save the mother. 


What are Other Christian views on abortion?

There is no single view on abortion in Christianity. 

  1. Some fundamentalist Christians think abortion is NEVER acceptable.
  2. Most Christians think that it is not a good thing, but sometimes is the lesser of two evils. 
  • Some situations where it would be the lesser of two evils are -
    1. if the pregnancy is the result of rape
    2. If continuing the pregnancy might be dangerous to the woman’s health
    3. if the child is likely to be severely disabled and so quality of life is affected. 


What would a Christian say in response to Peter Singer?

  1. Humans are always people. 
  2. Even when they are asleep, in a coma or haven't yet been born.
  3. Christian would agree that animals should be treated with care.
  4. However, as humans are made in the image of God, so they have a dignity which animals do not have. 


What  do Humanists think about abortion?

  1. There is no set Humanist view on abortion.
  2. Humanists value happiness and personal choice. 
  3. Generally, they take a pro-choice stance. Abortion is often the most morally acceptable choice to make.