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What is dependency injection?

Rather than a client object creating its own dependencies or services, they are supplied by someone else so that the client doesn’t need to know how to create the service


What are eigenvectors and eigenvalues?

Eigenvectors of a linear transformation (matrix) are not changed except in magnitude (the corresponding eigenvalue). They can form the basis vectors of a transformation


What is a multiplexer?

A logic gate that toggles between the value of 2 inputs depending on the selector


What does an ALU do? How is it made?

It can do many different calculations (AND, NOT, addition, negation, etc) on inputs depending on several other inputs that can be relatively elegantly designed


How can you create memory from NAND gates?

Build a flip-flop using a looped NAND gate


What is machine language?

Binary instructions to a computer corresponding to different ALU calculations and storage into registers and memory


What is assembly?

A human readable version of machine language e.g. D=A+1, @variable with labels


What are the 3 main components of a computer?

ROM (instructions), CPU, and Memory


What is an assembler?

Turns assembly into machine language, including converting various labels and variables


What does a Virtual Machine do?

Provides indirection between a high level language and assembly


How are Virtual Machines implemented?

Stack Machine


How are function calls represented in a VM?

All arguments are already on the stack. Add the return code address and other pointers. Reserve space for the local variables. Move the stack pointer and jump


How are methods and constructors different from regular function calls?

They also either allocate space or add a "this" reference


How are variables tracked in a compiler?

A linked list of Symbol tables that each go deeper into scope


What does an operating system take care of?

Memory management, device input, output, strings, arrays, math, initializing everything above


What is Godel's Theorem of Incompleteness?

All consistent axiomatic formulations of number theory include undecidable propositions


Any system sufficiently powerful to express arithmetic is either incomplete or inconsistent


What was Hilbert's program?

Split mathematics (basic strings) and meta-mathematics (defining statements about such strings) to develop absolute proofs that don’t depend on other systems


How does Godel numbering work?

Assign Godel numbers to all operations, variables, statements, predicates, and sequences of statements using clever schemes of multiplying prime numbers so that they are all unique


What is the halting problem? How can we prove it is undecidable?

Decision problem for whether a given program halts on a given input.

Proof by contradiction. Assume it exists. Create a new program that takes an input and runs that input on that program. Halt if it doesn’t and loop if it does. Give that program as an input to itself l, which leads to a contradiction.


What is a convolutional neural network?

Apply a kernel across an image to aggregate data, which creates a filtered set of linear combinations of local feature. Run that through a neural net


What is a Recurrent Neural Network?

Takes input and then feeds back into itself. It can take 1 or multiple inputs and generate 1 or multiple outputs. Good for sequential data or keeping memory


What is a Recursive neural network?

Aggregates into a hierarchical structure.


How is 3-SAT NP Complete?