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Define abnormal vaginal bleeding

-longer than 7 days
-heavier flow (more than 6 pads per day)
-more frequent than q21 days
-less frequent than q45 days
-intermenstrual or post coital


Define fever of unknown origin

Daily fever of 38.8 degrees C for 8 days with negative work-up


Open comedones

White heads


Closed comedones

Black heads


Define breath holding spells

Syncopal attacks with involuntary cessation of breathing that occur in children 6 mos-4 years


Define blue breath holding spell

Vigorous crying leads to apnea at end of expiration followed by cyanosis, opisthotonos, rigidity, and loss of tone

Episode lasts 10-60 seconds
Can have brief convulsive jerkIng after
May be sleepy afterward


Define a white breath holding spell

Usu preceded by unexpected event that frightens the child
Little or no crying, breath holding and LOC occur at same time
Pale appearance


Define exotropia

=outward turning of the eye

A form of strabismus


Define opisotonus

Body with whole body arched backward, esp head and heels


Define choleastasis

Elevated serum conjugated/direct bilirubin > 2mg/dl


Define croup

-infection causing inflammation and swelling of the airway structures results in noisy breathing

-seal like barky cough
-inspiratory stridor
- hoarseness


Define herpangina. How is it different from hand foot and mouth disease?

Infection caused by coxsackie virus

Herpangina: vesicles only on the tonsils and palate

Hand foot mouth: vesicles not only in mouth but also on hands and feet


Define apnea

=respiratory pause of greater than 15 seconds or any pause associated with cyanosis, pallor, or bradycardia


Define Salter-Harris fracture

=fractures involving the growth plate (physis)

-categorizes the fracture by degree of involvement of the growth plate

-provides guidance for treatment and diagnosis


Define salter Harris type 1 fracture

-fracture within growth plate

-seen as widening of growth plate or displacement of epiphysis


Define salter Harris type 2 fracture

-fracture extends through the growth plate and metaphysis


Define salter Harris type 3 fracture

Fracture extends through the growth plate and epiphysis


Define salter Harris type 4 fracture

Fracture involving the growth plate,metaphysis, and epiphysis


Define salter Harris type 5 fracture

Crush fracture of the growth plate


Define trismus

Inability to open mouth normally


Define ALTE

Episode that is frightening to observer and is characterized by a combination of apnea, color change, change in muscle tone, choking, or gagging


Define prolonged neonatal jaundice

-longer than 14 days in term infants.
-longer than 21 days in preterm infants

While breastfed infants with prolonged jaundice usually don't have serious disease, BM jaundice is a diagnosis of exclusion


Define simple febrile seizure

1. Generalized movements
2. Last less than 15 min (most <90 sec)
3. Only 1 seizure per 24 hours
4. Normal developmental Hx
5. May have family Hx of febrile sz


Define complex febrile seizure

1. Focal onset of movements
2. Lasts more than 15 min
3. More than 1 seizure per 24 hours
4. Abnormal developmental Hx
5. No family Hx of febrile seizures


Define diabetic ketoacidosis

1. Hyperglycemia (BG> 200)
2. Metabolic acidosis (venous bicarb < 15)


Define ALTE

An episode that is frightening to the observer and that is characterized by some combination of apnea, color change, marked change in muscle tone, choking, or gagging


Define uncomplicated pneumonia

Pneumonia in the absence of:
-significant effusion
-severe or impending respiratory failure
-sx/signs of sepsis or shock


Define community acquired pneumonia

Infection of the airways and lung tissue caused by a multitude of organisms, viral and bacterial, which has been acquired outside the hospital


Define inborn error of metabolism

Disorders in which single gene defect (resulting in absence or malfunction of an enzyme) causes clinical significant block in a metabolic pathway.