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Name 3 actions of epinephrine.

1. Increase HR
2. Increase myocardial contractility
3. Increase systemic vascular resistance


What is the effect of atropine?

Increase HR (in non-neonates)


What is the effect of amiodarone?

To reverse ventricular arrhythmias


What is the effect of adenosine?

To reverse supra ventricular arrythmias


Name 2 effects of dopamine

1. Increase vasoconstriction
2. Increase blood pressure


What is the effect of dobutamine

Increase myocardial contractility


Name 2 effects of benzodiazepines

1. Sedation
2. Control seizures


Name 4 drugs that can be given via ETT

1. Lidocaine
2. Atropine
3. Naloxone
4. Epinephrine


What are three things you need to think about any kid when you're writing a medication?

1. Renal dosing or liver dosing adjustment
2. Allergies
3. Ketogenic diet (no meds with carbs)


What questions should you always ask yourself before writing for IVIG?

1. Have they gotten this in the past and hx of prior reactions?
2. Have I written for premedication and does there need to be any epi or steroids written for


What types of patients should you always check dosing with the pharmacist on?

Any renal or liver patient.


A child who is on chronic steroids for their lupus comes into the ED with gastro. What do you need to think about?

Do they need stress dose steroids in the setting of acute illness?


You have a 4 day old who presents to the ED with poor feeding and cyanosis. You suspect a critical heart lesion. What med should you give?

Prostaglandins (PGE1)

Keeps ductus arteriosus open