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Roland Bathes

-Texts can be broken into signs, which can be broken down into 'denotation' and 'connotation'
-Some groups of signs take on the role of a 'myth' naturalized 'stories' about the real world communicated by the text.
-Enigma codes, questions or mysteries
-Action codes, move narrative forward


Claude Levi-Strauss

-Texts can be understood by analyzing their underlying structure
-Meaning is dependent upon pairs of oppositions
-The way these binary oppositions are resolved can have ideological significance


Jean Baudrillard

-It is no longer possible to distinguish between reality and simulation
-We are immersed in a world of images which no longer refer to anything 'real'
-Images have come to seem more 'real' than the reality they supposedly represent.


Stephen Neale

-Genres contains texts that are similar to each other (conventions) but also different.
-Genres change over time by overlapping and borrowing from each other (intertextuality)
-Genres change over time because they are effected by social economic industrial contexts


Tzventan Todorov

- Narritives tend to follow a similar structure. Equilibrium, Disruption, Recognition, Resolution, New Equilibrium.
-The way narratives are resolved may have an ideological function