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What in the tide advert suggests that the product is aimed at women

heading "no wonder you women buy TIDE more than any other product". exclamatory direct command "Tides got what women want". images of attractive stylish women using and loving tide representing them as the idealized image of a domestic woman.


What is the product context

Proctor and Gamble launched tide in 1946 and was a brand leader in America.


what is the historical and social context

Post WW11 consumer boom. 50's showed a rapid development of home technology. whilst men were at war, women were in the workplace. 50's adverts coerced women back into stereotypical domestic role.


what is the demographic and pyschographic profile of the consumer

the aspirer and the mainstreamer, - materialistic, seeks status and established brands.


Which feminist theorists are relevant to the print advert

Van Zoonen - contradicts her theory that media contributes to social change by representing women in non traditional roles.
bell hookes - argues light-skinned women are considered more desirable. Media reinforces colonial power (Gilroy) with the beauty of modern white women.


What would David Gauntlett argue about the text

identity- TA of increasingly affluent lower-middle class women were being appealed to with idealistic images of how society felt women should be and the domestic products she'd need.