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Paul Gilroy

-Colonial discourses continue to inform contemporary attitudes to race and ethnicity in the modern era
- 'Civilisationism' constructs racial hierarchies and sets up binary oppositions based of 'otherness'


Judith Butler

-Identity is constructed by the 'expressions' of that identity
-There is no gender identity behind the expressions of gender
-Gender performance is not a singular act but a repetition of acts and a 'ritual'


bell hooks

-Feminism is a struggle to end patriarchy and the ideology of domination
-Feminism is a political commitment, not a lifestyle choice.
-Race and class also determine the extent to which individuals are exploited and discriminated against


Liesbet van Zoonen

- Gender is constructed through discourse and this varies according to historical and cultural contexts.
- Women's bodies as 'objects' is a core element of western culture
-the media language that constructs men's bodies is different to that which objectifies women.


David Guantlett

- the media provides us with 'tools' or resources that we use to construct our identities.
- In the past media conveyed simplistic messages about male and female identities. Now the media offers a more diverse range of representations that we may choose to help us construct our identities.


Stuart Hall

- Representation of social groups, issues and ideas are constructed using the media language.
-stereotyping reduces whole groups of people to a few simple characteristics or traits.
-Stereotyping tends to occur where there are inequalities of power. Subordinate or excluded groups are constructed as different or 'other'.