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intense fandom intro?

psr relationships can be fairly innoncent until fan passes stage one and becomes stalker


research no.1?

measuring celeb worship


how to we measure celeb worship?

celeb attitiude scale- measures our attitidues to our feelings or believes about certiain believes


who thought of celeb attitude scale?

maltby maltby et al 2006


what are the 3 levels of celeb worship?

1. entertainment-social; attratced to celeb for entertainment 'normal relationship'2. intense-personal- fantasy relationship with celeb obssessive but not dangerous3. bordeline-pathological- fantasy takes over reality and try to make it real


how common is it?

quite rare occurence maltby 15 % enterainment 5% intense and 2% boredline


eval of scale?

-cheung &yue suggest that celeb worship can icnrease selesteem but only if family memebers etc not tv stars-high level of suicide celebs increase in suicide in general public so we copy behaviour postive and negative


research no.2?

celeb worship & developmental problems


research people for no.2?

chung and yue and maltby et al


chung and yue no.2?

883 chinese teenagers questioned, those who worshipped = low self esteem and less positive attitude to work


maltby no.2?

high levels of celeb worship = lower self esteem, poor sense of indentiy, increased anxiety, depression and other disorders


celeb worship and developmental problems eval?

relatively small samples, cultural and gender bias oftern seen in females in western culturesmethodological prob= questionnaires tend to give social desirability


what is stalking?

repeated following and harrassing another threatening their safety


two examples of research for stalking?

attachment style & mental health


researcher for attachment style?

kienlen- that the motivations of stalkers are different dependant on kind of insecure attachment they have


example of insecure attachment style?

preoccupied stalker- poor self image and constantly seeking approval, stalking to restore positive sense of self


evaluation of attachment?

-tomin found stalkers more evidence in insecure attachement styles than a control group of non stalkers-mccuteon those that had insecure attachment were more likely to excuse celeb stalking


what is mental health research?

maltby said stalkers develop fixation with another. these stalkers tend to suffer wth mental illness= schizo


eval mental health;

mullen 2008 - 20,000 incidents of stalking royal family all had psychotic disordersresearch has real life implications for how we can treat stalkers who are mentally ill