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a celeb?

is a person of distinction or fame, attract media attention through entertaining personality or source of entertainment itself through skill


what is psr? whole of this bit = socio explanation up to schiappa

e.g crush on celeb when someone is attracted to another yet target individual usually not aware of existence of person who created relationship


what are relationships common with? ashe and mccutcheon

usally common with celebs and fans, ashe and mccuteheon say not real relationships as no rejection or critiscm due to not relationship


what determines likelihood of psr? (schiappa et al)

schiappa et al say more common with tv celebs who attracted to and similar to viewer,, percieved as real in believable way , believe in act in way = compare whoever atrtacted to we believe it would happen (idea of fantasy)


psr and eating disorder?

maltby- girls results and boys no synoptic issue= girls + pressure


psr & self esteem

derrick et al us grades those low compared to celeb, something to aim 4 and prove we want to be people we liek and those with high few compared


postive/active view?

jenkins 1992- celeb worship important to fulfill social functions, enables fan to enchance lives through taking postive role


what are reasons to watch/listen to something?

social aspect, escapism, fantasy


3 reasons to form fake relationships?

appreaciate talen of other, motivate you to become successful and create social networks with each other


what are the 2 types of social theories (exp) ?

-socio psychological and evolutionary


what are the diff levels of absorption?

entertainment- social, intense personal, bordeline pathlogical


what is entertainment?

forming relationships cause we got entertainment,joy and form, we attracted to personality and skill


what is intense?

we have intense feeling of desire/need to be linked to celebs e.g go to shows


what is bordeline?

borederline pathological-try to meet celeb more than once find where they are


extra to absorption exp?

those who have weaker sense of identity may go beyond stage 1and absorb themselves in celebs life to gain identity


eval of absorption?

maltby-links to mental health- the higher the level the poorer the mental health oversiimplification- many other factors that determine whether people admire celebs


eval of psr?

there are benefits to it such as social aspectculturally biased - majority of research done in western culturescontrading- psr said dysfunctional but schiappa proves not


evolutionary theory attractive to celebs?

humans possess love of novelty -pick charactersitics we’d like- we tend to play on characterstic to offspring so they are more likely to be able to reproducewe want to successfully find a mate so in order to do this we must be creative thats why we are attracted to celebs because associated with creativity- promoting sexual selection


evo theory- prestige hypthesis

(role models) (social learning theoyr) learning by trial and error can be expensive in evolutionary terms but imitation of others = less likely to be risky henrich & gil - argue that social learners benefit from copying others who hihgly successful/prestigious in past it would be diff to ass what made individ successful so we would copy behaviours.the genetic dispostition to copy successfull individ is in gene pool cause it enable ancestors t be succesful


eval of attraction?

duck- partner who offers variety or creativity have longer more reproductivel successful relationshpsmiller- natural selection favur minds of survival enhancing skills etc


eval of prestige?

makes scientific sense but there is no evidence to prove itreductionist - docses on past ignoring current part of person lif