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what do you do once you have decided to operationalise your variables?

write hypothese


what are the different types of hypothesis? 4

1.the experimental hypothesis tailed hypothesis
3.two tailed hypothesis
4.null hypothesis


what is an experimental hypothesis?

is a statement of what you predict will happen. for an experiment this will be a difference in the dv bte the two conditions and for a correlation this will be a relationship btw 2 variables.


what is one tailed hypothesis?

predicts any difference in the way people behave e.g p who eat chocolate b.f test will achieve higher score than not


what is two tailed hypothesis?

predicts difference in way people behave but not which direction this will be in e.g would predict whether chocolate or not


what is null hypothesis?

no signifcance difference btw 2 conditions iv no effect on dv.


what must you always do first before writing hypotheses?

operationalise variables


e.g of operationalised hypothesis?

p who excercise three times a week for 30 mins each time will have sign higher scores on q which measures happiness and well being of p


need same level of detail in what?

null hyp


what is meant by operationalised?

specific & measurable


what is an aim?

describes its purpose what trying to find out


what is hypothesis?

testable statement about what will happen