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Under what reasons can you not order a compulsory assessment for a person?

- the persons political, religious or cultural belief
- the persons sexual preferences
- the persons criminal or delinquent Behaviour
- substance abuse
- intellectual disability


What is the definition of mental disorder?

A no normal state of mind characterized by delusions, or by disorders of mood, perception, volition or cognition of such a degree that it:
- poses a serious danger to the health or safety of that person or of others
- seriously diminishes the capacity of that person to take care of themselves.


What is the definition of a restricted patient?

People who are subject of a compulsory treatment order and are considered to present a danger to the public.


What is the definition of a special patient?

People that are detained by way of the court if they are found to be criminally insane or unfit to plead. This includes people on remand for psychiatric report.


How long can someone be detained for the purpose of a psychiatric assessment?

6 hours.


What are your powers under section 109 of the mental health act 1992?

(1) any member of police may apprehend
(2) Any person wandering at large in a public place
(3) behaving in a manner that gives rise to a reasonable belief that they may be mentally disordered.
(4) the member believes it is in the interest of the person or public to do so.


What are you powers under section 41 of the mental health act 1992?

A DAO may call upon police for assistance so that they may:
- assess a patient
- transport a patient for assessment or treatment


What are you powers under section 110 of the mental health act?

Assist a medical doctor carry out his assessment if asked. This can include using force to enter a place for the purpose of detaining a person.