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What is a police safety order?

It is an order issued by a constable to a 'bound person' to ensure the protection of the person at risk.


Who can issue a PSO?

Any constable if authorised by a sergeant or above.


What are the 4 options available to Police when attending a Family violence incident?

(1) No further action.
(2) warning - after review of file by FV coordinator.
(3) Issue a PSO, when you have insufficient evidence to arrest.
(4) Arrest.


When contemplating issuing a PSO what other factors must you consider?

- Has the aggressor used DV before?
- is the aggressor using DV against any other people?
- is the aggressor likely to use DV against the person at risk?
- the welfare of any children with the person at risk.
The hardship if a PSO is issued.


Do police need the permission of the person at risk to issue a PSO?



Who cannot have a PSO issued against them?

A child = anyone under 17, not married.


How long can a constable intending to issue a PSO against a person detain that person?

2 hours - for the purpose of:
- Seeking authorization from sergeant or above
- issue order
- serve the order


If a PSO is issued what must a bound person surrender?

Any weapon under his control (including firearms)
Any firearms licence held.


What other conditions are contained in the PSO?

- Physical or sexual abuse.
- damage to property
- psychological abuse
- encourage any other person to behave in the above ways
- watch, loiter or prevent access to the p.a.r
- enter/remain on land where the p.a.r is.
- contact the person at risk.


When does a PSO come into force?



How long is a PSO?

No longer the 5 days.


Whiting what timeframe should a PSO be served?

Within 48 hours.


When serving a PSO what must you explain to the bound person?

PURPOSE of the order
EFFECT of the order
DURATION of the order
CONSEQUENCES of contravening the order


What can you do if a bound person fails or refuses to comply with the PSO?

Detain them for the purpose of placing them before the court. They can only be held for 24 hours. If it is not possible to gelt them before the court in that time the issue them with a summons to appear.